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60 Minutes will go inside Jony Ive’s ‘secret design studio’ this Sunday

60 Minutes viewers will get an early Christmas present this Sunday, as presenter Charlie Rose gets a rare peak inside Jony Ive’s design studio, while also receiving a tour of “Apple’s store of the future” from retail guru Angela Ahrendts. [email protected] gets a first look at Apple’s store of the future, Sunday on @60Minutes pic.twitter.com/BdjygqqIdc — […]

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Internet questions Jony Ive’s sanity with new iPhone battery case

Apple’s new Smart Battery Case just gave “fugly” a new definition: Functional, but ugly. The new case came as a surprise this morning, offering iPhone 6s owners some extra juice and protection, but its weird hump has drawn the attention and ire of fans, leading many to wonder, ‘did Jony Ive really approve this thing?’ Not […]

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Jony Ive’s vision for new Apple Stores: live trees

We know Jony Ive can design computers large and small. So why not the space where the devices are sold? The world caught a glimpse of a new Ive-designed Apple Store in Brussels this week and the common theme seems to be: wood. The store, on Avenue de la Toison d’Or, won’t officially open until […]

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Kahney’s Korner: Why Jony Ive’s promotion is fantastic news for Apple

Can’t Apple’s design guru catch a break? After Jony Ive received a well-deserved promotion to become Apple’s chief design officer, some pundits misinterpreted the happy news as a bad omen. Our own Leander Kahney reads the tea leaves completely differently:…Read more ›

ICYMI: Why Jony Ive’s big promotion is great for Apple

Why is Jony Ive’s big promotion so great for Apple? Find out what Leander thinks in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. In addition, meet the men filling the design guru’s shoes, see how Apple Watch apps will get a…Read more ›

Why Jony Ive’s promotion means more design, not less

Apple is such a strange and secretive company, the news that Jony Ive has been promoted is instead widely interpreted that he’s on his way out. The Telegraph revealed Monday that Ive has been promoted to Chief Design Officer and…Read more ›

Tickets for Jony Ive’s ’21st-century luxury’ talk cost $4,100

Apple is diving into the luxury market for the first time ever with the exorbitantly expensive gold Apple Watch Edition. The pricey new timepiece has been met with criticism from Apple fans and haters a like, but according to Condé…Read more ›

Kanye West on why he’s inspired by Jony Ive(s)

  Zane Lowe, BBC DJ and future Apple employee, sat down with Kanye West today to talk about a number of subjects, including what his amazingly innovative company will look like when it hits his projected $ 1 trillion valuation. Kayne…Read more ›

This is the F-ing Poster on Jony Ive’s Wall [Warning: Offensive Language]

Jony Ive is well known for being the design guru at Apple, and in one of the more revealing looks at the man offered by The New Yorker (a great read for designers and Apple fans in general), you’ll find a description of a rather colorful, perhaps even offensive, poster on his office wall. (Don’t … Read More

President of Jony Ive’s old company is now in charge of Samsung design

It’s not exactly news that Samsung would like be a whole lot more like Apple. And when you compare the sales figures from Samsung’s ailing mobile division to Apple’s thriving iPhone numbers, who can blame it? But while the South…Read more ›