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Today Apple released a slew of updates to its iWork productivity suite. On the web, iWork for iCloud has received an iOS 7-like makeover in every aspect except the editing interface. Browsing for documents on iCloud.com now looks more like… Read more ›     

Apple has rolled out updates for all of its iWork apps on both OS X and iOS. Earlier this month, Apple revealed features from iWork ’09 it would be adding back to the new suite in the coming months, and… Read more ›     

iWork for iCloud is technically still in its beta phase, but Apple pubilished an updated to its suite of productivity apps this afternoon that will certainly make it more appealing for those looking for a Google Docs alternative. The new…

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In a rare move, Apple has announced upcoming features it plans to add back to its iWork productivity suite on the Mac. Following the release of the redesigned iWork apps last month, many users complained about how Apple had removed…

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Yesterday Apple announced that all of its consumer software, including OS X Mavericks, is now free. Customers who buy Apple’s hardware will have full access to the completely new versions of iLife and iWork at no additional cost. It’s a bold move…

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Redesigned iWork Apps Now Available In App Store

The completely new version of the iWork suite Apple announced today is now available in the App Store. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have been redesigned with a more modern design to compliment the new iOS 7 versions. Here are the…

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iWork For iCloud Beta Now Available To All

iWork-for-iCloud-betaThe iWork for iCloud beta, which allows you to use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote inside your web browser, is now available to all at iCloud.com. You do not need to be an existing iWork customer to take advantage of the apps, but if you are, you can now access all of the iWork documents you’ve […]

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iWork-for-iCloudRegistered developers have been testing the iWork for iCloud beta since Apple announced it at WWDC, but it appears Apple is now opening testing up to the general public. Many iCloud users who aren’t registered with the company’s developer program have received invitations to get involved. Not all iCloud users have been invited yet, and it’s unclear [...]

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iWork For iCloud Beta Is Now Open To Developers



Apple’s new ‘iWork for iCloud’ suite of browser-based apps are now ready for testing. Developers received a notification today that iWork for iCloud is up and ready for a test drive.

iWork for iCloud allows users to edit any iWork document from a web browser. The programs will run on a PC or Mac as long you’re running Safari, Chrome, or Internet explore. iWork for iCloud includes browser-based versions of Pages,  [Read More...]


Crafting great looking, professional documents in iWork or Office can be really tricky, even if you spend a ton of time on the computer. To make things easier, the guys Made for Use created some incredible professional templates for both Office and iWork that make it easier for users to look like a Pages-guru.

We’ve grabbed about Made for Use’s iOS Templates app in the past, but now the team is bringing all the  [Read More...]