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Gabba 2 jacket prepares you for the worst [Reviews]

Lust List: Gabba 2 Convertible Jacket If one Gabba is excellent, then Gabba 2 has to be better. The Gabba 2 Convertible Jacket is just that — Gabba turned up a notch. Take what was the highly popular and highly functional original Gabba jersey, add some removable sleeves, and the Gabba 2 jacket is the […]

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Save over 25% on the iPhone cable that’s wrapped in a full metal jacket [Deal]

Amateur hour is over — it’s time for an iPhone cable that means business. Avoid the fray, the tangles, the scuffed up grossness that is the stock iPhone cable after just a few weeks of regular use by stepping up…Read more ›

Want to look like Drake? eBay has your vintage Apple jacket

While Eddy Cue was busying winning this year’s worst dressed award for WWDC 2015, hip-hop icon Drake surprised us all by hitting the stage with a vintage Apple jacket that oozed fashion from every stitching. The hip-hop icon said he…Read more ›

Altec Lansing Ships Verizon-Only ‘The Jacket’ Bluetooth Speaker

altec-lansing-the-jacket  You can’t get Altec Lansing’s new The Jacket iMW455 Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone from anyone other than Verizon, which explains the red and black skins the Jacket comes with. Don’t like red or black? No problem — because, like a moulting lobster, The Jacket’s special trick is its ability to swap skins. The speaker comes with […]

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Tropiformer Gadget Jacket Looks Like it Jumped Right Out of a Bond Movie


Even before I ever dreamed of writing and taking pictures for a living — I’ll just pause here to let my fellow journalists and bloggers finish laughing hysterically at the idea that earnings from journalism could be considered “a living” — I rocked one of those photographer’s jackets. You know the one — zippers and pockets everywhere. I was a Geek King in the jacket, but I didn’t care; it let  [Read More…]

Wired For Sound With C.VOX Audio Jacket [Review]

That’s me, that is. No really.

This is the C.VOX, a coat with a built-in sound system so you can listen to stuff anywhere you go, while you’re going there. It’s kind of cool and kind of weird. I’ve been wearing it for the last wintry week or so here in the UK, and here’s what it’s like to own one.

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Ballistic Tough Jacket For iPad Is More Case Than Most People Will Need [Review]

Not much is going to get through this lot.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket is the clearest case of overkill I have seen in a while. If you need protection at the cost of size, weight and style, then you should probably buy one now. Otherwise, read on. The case is actually pretty useful.

The Jacket comes in three parts, and putting them onto your iPad is a little like dressing a  [Read More…]

Keep All of Your Apple Gadgets Tucked Inside Your Jacket With AyeGear

Wouldnt it be nice to have a jacket that lets you store your iPhone, iPad, sync cables, and maybe even a MacBook Air? The folks at AyeGear think so. The AyeGear jacket lets you take your Apple devices with you wherever you go. This isnt your average jacket. The AyeGear offers protection from the elements for your precious Apple gear. With 18  [Read More…]