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James Bond goes rogue to catch his Spectre

Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as famous super spy James Bond looks to take a darker, more roguish turn than ever, with Bond looking to “disappear” from the British spy agency that gives him the 007 license to kill rating. The…Read more ›

LeBron James gives entire team Apple Watches to prep for NBA Finals

After getting an ear-full from Eddy Cue during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James single handedly carried his team to a win last night to even the series at game a piece. LeBron’s leadership has been unparalleled this…Read more ›

What do Steve Jobs and James Bond have in common? Turtlenecks. Black turtlenecks.

The name’s Jobs, Steve Jobs. Sony has released the teaser poster for its upcoming, eagerly-anticipated new Bond movie, Spectre, and — correct us if we’re wrong — but doesn’t it look as though 007 has ditched the customary tux to slip…Read more ›

007 things we’re hoping for from Spectre, James Bond’s next movie adventure

Is Apple building James Bond’s car remote into your iPhone?

Your iPhone can make payments, control your smart home, and track your health — and soon it might be able to control your car, as well. A new patent published Thursday describes a way of using the iPhone’s geo-location capabilities…Read more ›

Beats deal netted LeBron James the biggest equity cash payout in sports history

NBA superstar (and Samsung shill) LeBron James reportedly made some serious bank as a result of Apple’s $ 3bn Beats acquisition in May — ranking as the largest equity cash payout for a professional athlete in history. Citing sources close to…Read more ›

Samsung Celebrity Spokesman LeBron James Says His Galaxy Note Makes Him Sick

“My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted,” NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted earlier today. “One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life!!!” Hey, that does sound frustrating. Who can blame him for tweeting…Read more ›    [Read More…]

James Bond Just Might Fund One Of These ViVAX Laptop Cases On Kickstarter

Can you hear the surf guitar from here?

Feeling a bit secret agent lately, and looking for the ultimate in protection for your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? The folks over at ViVAX think they have the solution, with their completely sealed, impact-proof laptop case using a variety of cutting edge technologies. Made completely in Italy, the developers behind the project claim this is the first Italian-based Kickstarter project of its kind,  [Read More…]

Even James Bond Would Lust After This iPhone Controlled Dragonfly Drone

James Bond gets all the cool stuff. Fancy gadgets. Fast cars. Beautiful ladies. And a bottomless bucket of martinis. But he doesn’t have an iPhone controlled dragonfly that can spy on all the bad guys without making a sound.

You’re not James Bond, but you can get your very own dragonfly robot to conduct your own espionage missions, or just take pretty ariel pictures to post on Instagram. The best part  [Read More…]

James Patterson’s SantaKid Alights Upon The iPad For Christmas

SantaKid, a children’s picture book by an author more known for his prolific career as a thriller writer, James Patterson, is now coming to the iPad.

It’s been released by the Hachette Book Group for Little, Brown publishers, the iPad-only app is available for $ 2.99 in the iTunes App Store, just in time for…well, you know.

Developer Hatchette collaborated with Auryn, a firm known for its books apps, and  [Read More…]