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iPhone 6s sales may be up to 15% weaker in Japan

Apple has praised the iPhone 6s for selling a record-shattering 13 million units in its first three days. However, a new report suggests that in Japan the 6s and 6s Plus actually sold 10-15 percent fewer units than last year’s iPhone 6. How can both of these reported facts (record-breaking sales figures and lower demand) be […]

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Apple’s fitness guru hits the road for tour of Japan, China, and Australia

Apple Watch could become one of the most important devices you can shackle yourself to, so to amp up the Apple faithful into more heatlh-focused nerds, Apple has sent fitness guru Jay Blahnik on a special events tour in Australia,…Read more ›

Move over China! Japan wants to take over iPhone manufacturing

Being an Apple manufacturer is a pretty lucrative market if you can get in on it, which is why it’s no surprise to hear that Apple’s existing partners are constantly fending off challenges from upstarts promising to do whatever they…Read more ›

Japan Display is building a $1.4 billion plant just for Apple

With over 70 million iPhones sold in the last quarter alone, Apple has quickly become one of the world’s largest display buyers in the world. To meet the increasing demand of iPhones, Apple has reportedly struck a deal with Japan…Read more ›

Apple may cough up $1.7 billion for display factory in Japan

Apple may be about to invest $ 1.7 billion in a new factory for Japan Display, primarily dedicated to building smartphone screens for Cupertino. The proposed plant would be located in Ishikawa, Japan, and is set to start operations in 2016. While…Read more ›

Old flip-phones are the iPhone’s newest rival in Japan

The iPhone has been killing it in Japan lately. Apple’s smartphone marketshare in the tech-obsessed country is continuing to dominate year-over-year, even though the company had a hard time giving out iPhones just five years ago. With the iPhone 6’s…Read more ›

Samsung could be about to give up on Japan as iPhone sales soar

Things aren’t looking too rosy for Samsung at the moment. Having seen profits slip due to its falling mobile sales, the flailing South Korean tech giant is reportedly considering throwing in the towel altogether in Japan, where it’s struggling more…Read more ›

Apple fans in Japan risk their lives for a Lucky Bag

How much would you endure to get a cheap deal on a new Apple product? When we wrote about the traditional Japanese “Lucky Bag” special offer — which gives customers the chance to buy a $ 300 gift bag, containing cut-price…Read more ›

Apple to build massive R&D center in Japan

Apple is planning to open up a massive new research and development center in Japan, according to local media which were told about the plans directly from the country’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Apple already has a number of R&D…Read more ›

Google’s undersea cable will link the U.S. to Japan for faster Internet

Google is part of a global consortium that plans to install an undersea cable linking the U.S. and Japan to provide faster and more reliable Internet to Asia. The search giant hopes its “FASTER” project will make Google services more accessible to billions…Read more ›