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Japanese helper-bot is as adorable as it is ridiculous

Now if Cupertino really wanted to make Siri something special, they would give her a head, arms and legs, and make her dance when she plays music. Sharp Electronics has either jumped ahead of Apple or jumped the shark tank with an animated robotic smartphone called RoBoHon. It does everything your current smartphone does but […]

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Apple’s Japanese R&D center will focus on materials, vehicles and health research

Apple’s impressive upcoming R&D center in Yokohama will allow Apple to tap into the materials, vehicles and health expertise that exists in Japan, according to a new report. The R&D facility — which will be Apple’s biggest in Asia — will join similar offices in the U.K., China and…Read more ›

Apple’s new Japanese R&D center in all its shiny glory

Apple’s spaceship-style Campus 2 isn’t the only impressive Apple building on the horizon. The first render for the company’s giant R&D center in Yokohama, Japan is out — and it looks pretty spectacular! The facility will be built on the…Read more ›

See crazy Japanese robot stuff tomatoes in runner’s mouth

Energy gels are so 2014. When it comes to winning races, modern marathon runners need a robot that straps to their back and force-feeds them tomatoes. Luckily, Japan has already delivered this technological wonder. Wait till you see it in…Read more ›

What’s in Apple’s Japanese ‘Lucky Bags’ — and how you can get one

As per Japanese tradition, Apple has started handing out its Fukubukuro (a.k.a. “Lucky Bags”) to customers at its brick-and-mortar retail stores in Japan — giving some fortunate buyers massive discounts on the latest Apple products and accessories. The bags are…Read more ›

Apple announces Japanese ‘Lucky Bags’ will go on sale January 2nd

Christmas may be over here in the United States, but the season’s just starting in Japan. Apple has just announced that it will kick off its annual ‘Lucky Bag’ celebration in its Japanese retail stores starting on January 2nd. Here’s…Read more ›

Toshiba’s racist new ads star squinty-eyed Japanese tablets

We all know that Apple’s advertising is a cut above the competition, but sometimes Cupertino’s competitors stoop so low that all you can do is just shake your head in embarrassment. That’s certainly the way I feel about Toshiba’s racist…Read more ›

Order in court! Ace Attorney 5 launches in the Japanese App Store

Originally released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, Capcom has dropped the fifth instalment of its superb Ace Attorney series into the Japanese App Store, seemingly without any warning. The game (which was heavily praised upon its release) follows the…Read more ›

Japanese ministry is on the hunt for the next Steve Jobs

I don’t need to tell the readers of a blog called Cult of Mac that Steve Jobs could be brilliant. Nor, if you’ve read much about Jobs’ life, do you likely need to be informed that he could sometimes be…Read more ›

iPhone is wiping the floor with Samsung in Japanese smartphone race

The iPhone has hit a new all-time high when it comes to market share in Japan: representing a massive 36.6% of all Japanese smartphones in the first quarter of 2014. This increase, which is up from last year’s 25.5%, was…Read more ›