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Jawbone UP4 gets contactless payments to take on Apple Watch

One of Apple Watch’s best features is it can replace your wallet with NFC payments. Now Jawbone is ready to get in on the contactless payments too with the introduction of its newest wearable, the UP4. Now when you go…Read more ›

Jawbone will make a return to Apple Stores this month

Jawbone’s fitness-tracking devices were among those booted out of the Apple Store to make room for the Apple Watch, but according to Jawbone’s senior product manager Jason Donahue, they’re about to make a return. Donahue revealed this tidbit during a presentation…Read more ›

The Apple Watch has kicked Nike+ Fuelband and Jawbone Up off the Apple Store

The Apple Watch is coming, and this means it’s time for Apple to put all of the crappier fitness bands its been selling all these years into the airlock and flush them into deep space. No surprise, then, that with…Read more ›

UP by Jawbone adds new weight management and food score features

Just because people are expecting Apple to revolutionize wearables with its long-awaited iWatch, doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some interesting developments going on in the wearable tech field. I’m a massive fan of Jawbone, which has just updated its UP by…Read more ›

Automatic partners with Jawbone to whip drivers into shape

As the nation grows more obese yet car culture still rules, here’s the nudge of the hour: your car and your fitness app talking to each other, reminding you that you’re not moving enough. Automatic’s smart driving assistant can turn…Read more ›

Jawbone UP Can Make You Coffee When You Wake Up

  Jawbone has announced the UP24, a tweaked version of its troubled UP activity-tracking wristband. It’s mostly the same, with a cool futuristic look and $ 150 price tag. The difference is that it now uses “Bluetooth Smart,” which lets it…Read more ›

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Jawbone UP Comes To Europe, Finally Gets An Android App


It’s taken well over a year, but the Jawbone UP finally has an official companion app in Google Play. The device has only been compatible with iOS devices since it launched in November 2011, but now you can track your sleep and physical activity on Android-powered smartphones, too.

Furthermore, starting today, UP will be available in Apple stores across Europe.

UP for Android is almost identical to the iOS version; it  [Read More…]

Jawbone Announces Second-Generation UP, On Sale Now

Jawbone UP 2.0 is shipping now.

The Jawbone UP wristband first launched back in 2011, and it became quite a popular product. Everyone wanted to get their hands on the fitness- and sleep-tracking iPhone accessory, which came with plenty of promise. Unfortunately, it launched with all kinds of problems, too — including water leaks and inflexible components that broke too easily — and Jawbone was forced to pull it.

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Jambox The Remix: Jawbone Announces A Crayola Worthy Palette Of Colors For Its Jambox

Jawbone’s wireless Jambox speaker has been a fan favorite among mobile users for quite some time, and while everything about it rocks, users have been begging for more color choices. Those prayers haven’t fallen on deaf ears, as Jawbone has teased its next iteration of the Jambox: Jambox the Remix.

Like a kid with a fresh box of crayons, Jawbone went color crazy, drawing up over 100 new color combinations for  [Read More…]

Jawbone Up Return Program Offers A Great Deal

Jawbone is offering a great return program for those with malfunctioning devices. Jawbone Up is a cool techy bracelet for iOS users who want to track their sleeping habits, fitness habits, and things of that sort. It is used to help get you in shape and annoy you when you are doing things against good habits. For some, this seemed like a really cool idea. After a while from its release, users started reporting problems  [Read More…]