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Retro Phone Handset Actually Pretty For Desk Jockeys

ku-xlargeI never make actual phone calls – they’re for people who don’t know how to use the internet. But I used to, and I remember one thing: real telephone handsets are way more comfortable to use than cellphones, especially for long calls. Which is to say, the POP Desk handset will look great next to […]

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Helo Tablet Strap Lets Desk Jockeys Use The iPad One-Handed


Lame-looking, but probably pretty handy.


The Tablet Strap is exactly the kind of corporate-dorkwear iPad accessory I used to poke fun at. Now, though, having used an iPad since the first one launched all those moons ago, it’s the kind of iPad accessory I want to buy. Or I would, if it didn’t have that hideous pleather-look finish.

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