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John McAfee: Apple won’t like FBI’s iPhone ‘universal master key’

Cybersecurity legend John McAfee has denied suggestions that he’s helping the FBI to crack the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case, but hinted that he knows which party is involved. And, according to McAfee, it’s not good news for Apple. “Apple and Tim Cook are not going to be happy with […]

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Check out John Oliver’s hilarious rant in favor of iPhone encryption

John Oliver took on Apple’s continuing privacy standoff with the FBI during Sunday’s Last Week Tonight — describing how crucial encryption is when it comes to protecting important data such as, “our financial information, health records, dick pics, trade secrets, classified government records, [and] dick pics.” And you know what? As well as being very funny, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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John Sculley says Steve Jobs movie is ‘extraordinary’

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says the new Steve Jobs movie is “extraordinary entertainment,” and thinks it will be “every bit as successful” as Aaron Sorkin’s previous Silicon Valley biopic The Social Network. Like Andy Herzfeld, however, Sculley notes that the movie is not always accurate and that there, “was a lot of creative license […]

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John Sculley drew ‘Mac phone’ concept for Steve Jobs in 1984

Former Apple CEO and business parter of Steve Jobs, John Sculley dropped some interesting new tidbits about Apple’s history in a recent interview. He said that all the way back in 1984, Jobs was dreaming up the idea of a…Read more ›

Drake, Elton John, and Pharrell will have their own Beats 1 shows

Apple is planning to launch its new streaming music service in less than a week and the company plans to pack a lot of star power to get iOS users to tune in. As part of the new Apple Music…Read more ›

Civil rights activist John Lewis visits Tim Cook at Apple HQ

  Congressman John Lewis paid a visit to Tim Cook at Apple’s Cupertino campus today as part of the civil rights icon’s northern California tour for his new book. The Georgia congressman played a pivotal role in the bloody Selma…Read more ›

Love is all you (and penguins) need, says John Lewis Christmas ad

Sometimes all a penguin needs is love, says the new Christmas ad from British department store John Lewis. There’s a young boy with a real penguin. The penguin, named Monty, loves playing with the boy: swimming, sledding, building with Legos.…Read more ›

Former CEO John Sculley explains how Apple sells experiences

I’m a sucker for Apple history, and I particularly enjoy hearing from the people who had an impact on shaping Steve Jobs into the incredible force of nature that he became. In a new interview with John Sculley, the former…Read more ›

Apple Is Valued As A ‘Predictable Cash Machine,’ Says Former CEO John Sculley

Apple isn’t being valued as a creative leap company so much as it is a predictable cash machine, says former CEO John Sculley. Speaking with India’s Economic Times about the launch of his latest venture, pCell — a technology that…Read more ›

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Invests In New Indian Smartphone Brand

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is one of the principal investors behind a new smartphone brand set to launch in India. The as-yet-unnamed brand is being funded by the investment and acquisition company, Inflexionpoint, for which Sculley serves as a…Read more ›    [Read More…]