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JC Penney Apologizes For Former Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson’s $12.99 Billion Blunder

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKQAivS0xsE?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Former Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson’s time at JC Penney was not a good one for the company. Johnson tried to revamp the retailer’s image from a clearing house for cheap junk sold at discounted prices during an endless spree of “sales” and “coupons” into a refined boutique, a store-within-a-store retail concept similar to the Apple Store.

The result? A $ 12.99 billion year-over-year decline in revenue that got Johnson fired as CEO after his first year  [Read More…]

What Was Ex-Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson’s Big Mistake At JC Penney?


Here’s some fantastic analysis on what ex-Apple retail chief Ron Johnson did wrong at JC Penney written by legendary Apple ad man Ken Segall, who completely rejects the idea that Ron Johnson didn’t understand JC Penney’s brand identity, and even wandered around quoting the company’s founder, who detested sales gimmicks. So what was the problem?

According to Segall — and this is a fantastic point — Johnson’s problem was that  [Read More…]

“Steve Jobs Would Have Called This Insanity.” Ron Johnson’s Transformation Of JC Penney Begins

When’s the last time you went shopping at JC Penney versus the Apple Store? The venerable retailer, overshadowed by the cheap-chic of Target, is looking to reshape itself by putting the iPhone maker’s former retail chief in charge. Ron Johnson, a 10-year veteran of Apple’s retail effort, explained the retailer and Cupertino, Calif. tech giant share much in common. Johnson, who for ten years helped build Apple’s reputation as the  [Read More…]