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Snow joke: Daredevil breaks downhill mountain bike speed record

There are those who ride mountain bikes and then there is Eric Barone. He rides his mountain bike down actual mountains. Apparently, the faster the better. The French daredevil known as the Red Baron recently rode a specially groomed speed…Read more ›

LG tweeted its Bendgate joke from an iPhone

Brands were quick to pile on the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate controversy this week with a heavy serving of scathing tweets and jokes, except in LG’s case, it can’t get enough iPhone either. LG – makers of the curved LG…Read more ›

BendGate: iPhone 6 ‘malleability’ problem is the Internet’s joke du jour

“Will it bend” has become the hottest question in tech this week as a few iPhone 6 owners have discovered that the laws of physics still apply to the aluminum frame of the iPhone 6… even when neglected in a back pocket.…Read more ›

Richard Branson claims to have invented iPod and iTunes as April Fool’s joke

There are always going to be debates about who came up with an idea as transformative to Apple’s business as the iTunes and the iPod, but here’s one you may not have heard before: Richard Branson. In a new interview…Read more ›

How a dev doubled his revenue with an April Fools’ joke

San Francisco-based developer Giacomo Balli doubled his take on his iPhone apps thanks to an April Fools’ Day joke. When he ratcheted up the price to an eye-popping $ 4.99 for an app that catalogs books, he got downloads instead of…Read more ›

Pad&Quill’s Micro Field Bag Is Not A Joke

This little baby launched its Kickstarter on April 1st, but as it’s still there a few days later (and as Brian from Pad&Quill says it’s legit) it’s time for a write-up. The Micro Field Bag is a miniaturized version of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Like A Bad Joke, The Apple Store That Sells The Most iPhones Is Where? Delaware.

What store sells the most iPhones every year? If you named, oh, the 5th Avenue Cube, or the Grand Central location, you’d be wrong, asserts ABC News. Instead, they identify an obscure Apple Store in a shopping mall in Delaware…Read more ›

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Gmail Motion Turned From Joke To Reality, Thanks To Kinect [Video]

We’re actually surprised it took someone this long, but just 24 hours after Google’s brilliant Gmail Motion April Fools joke appeared, it’s been turned into reality.


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