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Day One for iOS 8 unlocks your journal with Touch ID and Extensibility

With Apple now accepting iOS 8 apps in the App Store, more third-party developers are starting to show off their use of Extensibility and Touch ID integration. Day One, an app that won a coveted Apple Design Award at WWDC…Read more ›

My Wonderful Days iOS App Now Lets You Add Videos To Your Journal Entries

Popular universal iOS journal app My Wonderful Days has been given an update, adding several notable features. First and foremost is the ability for users to now add videos to their multimedia journals — either shooting one themselves, or else…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tim Cook Stands Up For Employee Nondiscrimination In Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal arguing in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, a proposed piece of U.S. legislation that protects against sexual identity and gender discrimination in the workplace. Cook occasionally gives media interviews,…Read more ›

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The Wall Street Journal Finally Comes To iOS Newsstand

One of the last big holdouts has caved: The Wall Street Journal is now available on Apple’s Newsstand.

The Wall Street Journal up until now hadn’t been too inclined to fork over 30 percent on all subscription revenues, but they’ve now changed their mind, and you can now subscribe to The Journal through the new version 5.0 app.

Why now? According to All Things D, Dow Jones president Todd Larsen  [Read More…]

This Weeks Must-Have iOS Apps: YouTube, Poster, Journal For Evernote & More [Roundup]

With iOS 6 right around the corner, Google’s official YouTube app for iPhone couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a great app much better than Apple’s built-in YouTube app and it’s headlining this week’s must-have apps roundup. It’s accompanied by Poster, a great new blogging app; Journal for Evernote, and Google Drive.

YouTube iPhone (Free)

We finally have an official YouTube  [Read More…]

Journal For Evernote, Your New Daily Diary

Dear diary…



Evernote Journal is a new, free, Universal app with one simple task: to get your daily journal entries into Evernote. There are already some very polished apps to capture your daily musings – Day One and Momento come to mind, but Journal has the avantage that it stores your daily entries in Evernote, ready for access (and export) wherever you like.

I have copies of both Momento and Day  [Read More…]

Wall Street Journal Reports Verizon and AT&T Will Carry LTE iPad 3

TheWall Street Journalis reporting Verizon and AT&T with carry LTE capable iPad 3s. The WSJ doesn’t cite rumors in their article like many reports circulating yesterday. The verbage used is very specific, but still does not cite concrete sources. Instead the WSJ resorts to the classic people familiar with the matter when attributing the source of their information. Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. will sell a version of the coming iPad that runs on  [Read More…]

Day One is a Beautiful Journal App for Your Mac, iPad, and iPhone [Review]

Sometimes you just want to write something down. Some people would call this process journaling, or even keeping a diary. In reality, the whole concept of keeping a journal or diary is about recording memories and thoughts. Itstherapeutic. Its comforting. Day One by Bloom Built is a beautiful and simple app for journaling on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The app balances features with simplicity to bring you an excellentenvironmentfor writing  [Read More…]

Great Shot: British Journal of Photography Arrives on iPad

BJP on iPad Theres a treat for photography fans this morning, with the launch of the British Journal of Photographys official iPad app.   Issue 1 is a free download 400MB, space-saving fans but you get a lot of stuff for your bandwidth. Theres a feature about photographers whove moved from still to moving images (which explains the rather jarring animated front cover photo of a  [Read More…]

Journal of Communications for the iPhone and iPad renewed [giveaway]

Journal of Communications for the iPhone and the Journal of Communications HD iPad’s new integrated calendar and the new decals. This relates to the management of the relationship (CR M) app like having a diary and includes all of your communications, app society. Record all your interactions your Communications; review them to prepare for the next meeting Add to dos for your communications to remind yourself of upcoming events and important follow-up steps To – Dos  [Read More…]