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New magnetic charger lets you juice up iPhone wirelessly

We are wireless, but not quite wire-free. One company wants to help iPhone users cut a couple of cords with a magnetic charging solution called the STACK PACK. It’s all capital letters for a product that sounds more like workout vitamins. The STACK PACK promises to pack just as much power as that soon-to-be obsolete […]

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Power-cutting cord gives your device battery the perfect amount of juice

We know that keeping our smartphones and tablets plugged in over night, well past the point of a full charge, will deplete precious battery life. But who among us purposely gets up in the middle of the night to unplug? The team at UsBidi assumes very few, which is why its developers believe they have […]

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With ‘go-go’ in the name, wireless chargers bring quick juice to your iPhone

The more your iPhone does, the more it draws from the battery – and that means more time spent hunting for an outlet to recharge. Batteries will get better one day soon, but until then PowerGo-Go has a line of wireless solutions for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6s models to charge, as the […]

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The juice you need: last chance to get 80% off the intelligent 3-port car charger [Deals]

Like our mobile devices, cars have been getting faster and smarter, so it makes sense that the connection between the two should do the same. When charging on the go, it’s a safe bet that you’ll want to be at…Read more ›

Revolutionary new mobile battery delivers double the juice

Whether it’s the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, or whatever other hot piece of tech you choose, battery life is one of the most commonly criticized aspects of many of today’s devices. That may be about to change, however, courtesy…Read more ›

Girl turns boring LEGO juice bar into awesome robot

There was a time when LEGO brick sets were anything but prescriptive. You’d be lucky to get a wheel or axle part, or maybe even a door or window piece in your giant set of loose bricks. These days, of…Read more ›

Belkin’s meeting room UFO offers some serious juice

Modern day meetings around the conference table may be a rare occurrence in our often-mobile and telecommuting world, but when they happen, the incoming mass of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks need a lot of electricity. Instead of making all your…Read more ›

Salvage every last drop of your iPhone’s juice with these battery-saving tips

One of the biggest knocks people tend to make at the iPhone is its battery life. While we all have busy lives, it’s imperative for our devices to last the long haul with us. In today’s how-to find out how…Read more ›

This power pack goes to 11 … thousand mAh for serious juice

There is a ton of competition in the external battery pack space. You can get a ruggedized brick for your Xtreme adventures, a cute little pocket-sized charger for a quick hit of juice in the car or on the go,…Read more ›

iPhone Charger Uses DeWalt Power Tool Batteries For Juice

I haven’t spent time on a construction site for some time, so I don’t know if it’s still true that every builder has a transistor radio. I do know that we had our kitchen remodeled a few months back and…Read more ›

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