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Retina iPad Mini On Track For June/July Production, Will Use LG Displays, Not Samsung [Analyst]

Will you be upgrading?

Will you be upgrading?

In yet another projection, DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim told CNET today that the second version of the amazing iPad Mini will indeed have a retina display, and that LG will be the main supplier of the pixel-packed screen, instead of Samsung.

“Samsung is currently not in the iPad Mini and they won’t be in the next generation. LGD is becoming a much bigger supplier  [Read More…]

Apple Will Release New MacBook Air In June-July

As noted by Digitimes that Apple will begin shipments of new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air models that features Sandy Bridge platform and Thunderbolt interface for launch in June or July.Main supply chain makers for the new models remain about the same as for the existing MacBook Air, with Quanta Computer solely responsible for assembly, Catcher Technology supplying casings, Auras Technology a main supplier of thermal modules, Shin Zu Shing supplying hinges, and Simplo Technology and Dynapack  [Read More…]