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Apple wins at last: iTunes DRM was ‘genuine improvement,’ jury finds

The verdict is in, and after nearly a decade of legal wrangling, Apple has prevailed in the class-action lawsuit seeking over $ 1 billion in damages by iPod owners who claimed the company conspired to kill competing music services by adding restrictions…Read more ›

Chump change: Jury awards Apple extra $4 million in Samsung case

Apple came out on top of its legal battle against Samsung in U.S. federal court last week, and even though the iPhone-maker was ordered to pay a small fee to Samsung, the jury came back to the courthouse in San Jose…Read more ›

Apple-Samsung jury foreman says Google link wasn’t a factor

  For the second time in a row Samsung has been found guilty by a US court of ripping off Apple’s patents, but according to the jury foreman in the latest Apple vs Samsung case, there wasn’t a single piece…Read more ›

Jury Selected For Second Apple-Samsung Patent Trial

The 10-person jury is set for the latest legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Six women and four men were selected Monday. The jury includes iPhone owners, individuals with ties to the tech industry and at least two retirees (a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Jury Swayed By “Superstar Witness” In Apple V Samsung Trial

Cult of Mac reported early today (or very late last night) that Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $ 290 million in its patent trial for copying key features of iOS devices — bringing Apple’s total damages to $ 930 million.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple Another $290 Million

Apple’s re-trial with Samsung over patent infringement has just concluded with the federal jury ruling that Samsung owes Apple an extra $ 290 million for infringing on the iPhone maker’s patents. The award is significantly more than the amount Samsung hoped…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Judge Agrees To Re-Examine Jury Foreman Who Awarded Apple $1.05b In Damages

Jury foreman Velvin Hogan.

Judge Lucy Koh has agreed to re-examine the role of jury foreman Velvin Hogan, who found Samsung guilty of patent infringement and awarded Apple more than $ 1 billion in damages earlier this year. Samsung requested a retrial back in October after it became apparent that Hogan failed to disclose details of a lawsuit against Seagate that he was involved in 20 years ago.

Samsung is a major investor in  [Read More…]

Patent Held By Apple vs. Samsung Jury Foreman Could Spell Trouble For Apple

A California court recently ruled in favor of Apple in a high-profile patent case against Samsung, and the immediate fallout means that Samsung is forced to pay Apple over $ 1 billion in damages.Federal Judge Lucy Koh will hold an injunction hearing in December to see if Apple is permitted to ban several Samsung phonesfrom being sold in the United States.

The court’s decision was by no means a simple one,  [Read More…]

Apple vs.Samsung Trial: The Jury Instructions Are In [Liveblog]

San Jose, CA — Todays session in the Apple-Samsung trial has begun and Judge Kho is ready to describe the jury instructions to the court and the large public gathered at a Federal courtroom. The judge estimates it may take her more than one hour to recite the full instructions, which run about 20 pages.

The contents of the instructions tend towards the highly technical, and appear as a claim  [Read More…]

Apple vs. Samsung Trial Day 12 Preview: Jury Instructions and Closing Arguments Start

The jury will hear instructions to find a verdict for multiple counts of patent infringement claims in todays court session of the Apple-Samsung trial. After terms are set, lawyers from each side will gather their final arguments and present them to the jury with the hope of resolving the first skirmish in a series of big legal battles between them.

Only this skirmish is more significant that most. It could end  [Read More…]