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When it’s time for music, just reach for the BOTTLE

Don’t let the bottle in the name fool you. The boomBOTTLE+ by SCOSCHE Industries is no place for a beverage. But your ears will quickly realize it is filled with sound. The boomBOTTLE, rolled out today on the SCOSCHE website, is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has the height and girth of the common water […]

Tim Cook was just awarded $58m of Apple stock

Tim Cook is kicking butt at Apple — at least according to the tenure- and performance-based restricted stock units he recently received, with a market value of close to $ 58 million. The reward, noted in an SEC filing, came with stipulations that Apple’s TSR performance had to be in the top third of S&P 500 companies. As […] [Read More…]

You just missed your chance to buy cheap Apple stock

Apple’s stock price fell off a cliff this morning, trading below $ 100 a share for the first time all year. The best time to buy AAPL shares all year was this morning at 9:30AM when the stock opened 94.87 before Tim Cook intervened. If you didn’t buy shares this morning, you’ve already missed your chance […] [Read More…]

Your Apple Watch tells you to stand-up periodically to maintain your health. It’s a small feature, but it’s actually one of the Apple Watch’s killer apps: one that pundits like Jim Dalrymple have said was formative to them getting in better shape. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, though, you’re in luck. There’s a […]

If you’re running your business on Apple machines, it’s probably because you want to keep things clean and simple. But wrangling desktops, tablets, phones and the employees who use them isn’t as easy as syncing your calendar. Emails, point-of-sale operations, apps, security settings — an enterprise of any size can quickly present a symphony of […]

iTunes just upped its Apple Music game

Along with the public release of iOS 8.4.1 that added a lot of fixes for Apple Music and Beats 1, Apple also has a bevy of improvements ready today for iTunes. Apple released iTunes 12.2.2 today that makes using Beats 1 and Apple Music in iTunes a slightly less horrible experience. The new update is […]

Dubious iPhone 6s benchmarks show just 1GB of RAM

Everyone is expecting the iPhone 6s to boast 2GB of RAM, but according to a dubious source claiming to be an Apple developer, we may all be wrong. Switzerland-based Instagram user Fabien Wanner has posted what he claims to be a Geekbench 3 screenshot of the new device, revealing RAM of “just” 1 GB — […]

The UK just made iTunes and illegal

The UK’s High Court has turned all of its computer users into outlaws overnight, in a new ruling that makes it unlawful to create a copy of copyrighted content, without the direct permission of the copyright holder. The new law means UK citizens can no longer create backups of their computer (because pretty much every […]

Miraculously, the best Star Wars game just came to Mac

If you game on a Mac, or an iOS device, you’ve probably never played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. But that’s something that has now, quite miraculously, changed: after over a decade, KOTOR 2 is finally available… Read more ›

ilumi is a smart bulb that just got a little smarter

It took a little while for investors to see the light, so to speak. Corey Egan and Swapril Bora developed a smartphone controlled LED light bulb, but needed two crowd-funding campaigns, prize money from winning new product contests they had… Read more ›