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The best idea in the frickin’ universe is now a reality: Trapper Keeper iPad cases

Back in January, a Seattle-based Etsy seller started mocking up iPad cases designed to look like Trapper Keepers, Mead’s line of brightly colored, wonderfully designed 80′s folders and binders for students. We promptly declared it

Hate EA’s Dungeon Keeper? Download The Real Thing For Free

Electronic Art’s recently released update of Peter Molyneux’s Dungeon Keeper has garnered a lot of criticism for its shameless destruction of the gameplay of a strategy classic. But hey, why play that cynical piece of freemium crap when you can…Read more ›    

Peter Molyneaux’s Dungeon Keeper Returns, This Time To Mobile Devices, Because It’s The Future

dungeon keeperOriginally released in 1997 by Electronic Arts (EA), Dungeon Keeper was a PC strategy game made by Bullfrog Productions under Peter Molyneux (Fable, Curiosity, Godus). Dungeon Keeper tasks players with building and defending their own evil lair while protecting it from “heroes” who seem bent on stealing treasure and killing all the nice monsters. It’s […]

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Zoo Keeper For iOS: Fantastic Free Fun For All [Review]

Animal magic.

Anyone with fond memories of playing Zoo Keeper on a Nintendo DS a few years ago probably doesn’t need to read any further. Just go get it for iOS now, and have fun.

If you missed out on Zoo Keeper first time round, or if you’ve simply never encountered it, allow me to enlighten you: this is fantastic fast-paced color-matching puzzle fun. And for the time being, it’s free.

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