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Stage a Fiasco with a Prank Kernel Panic Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Little is dreaded more in the Mac world than the kernel panic, the Mac OS X equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death of yesteryear. While modern versions of Mac OS X don’t display the kernel panic screen like they used to, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have some mischievous fun with a … Read More

2009 iMac Users Still Complaining Of Kernel Panic, Unresolved Since Snow Leopard

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Some users of early 2009 iMacs who have upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard or higher are still reporting issues with a kernel issue that seems to be due to the Nvidia GeForce GT 130 graphics card that came with the machine, with nary a response from Apple proper. There’s a  [Read More…]

Fix for Kernel Panics and Crashing After Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2

Thunderbolt update kernel panic Some of you may have experienced the unfortunate kernel panic on boot problem that is occurring on certain Macs after they’ve installed recent software updates. If you haven’t installed the “Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2? yet it’s best to avoid it completely until a fix comes from Apple. If it’s too late and you’re experiencing crashes on reboot, then you’ll probably want to know the cause of the  [Read More…]

How to Manually Install Kernel Extensions in Mac OS X

Kext files Can’t use the easy Kext Drop app for some reason to install a kernel extension? Installing kexts (kernel extensions) manually is always an option and it’s not too difficult if you’re comfortable with the command line: Copy the .kext file(s) to /System/Library/Extensions/ Open the Terminal and type: cd /System/Library/Extensions/ Type the following commands at the terminal, replacing the kext name with the one you are installing sudo chmod -R  [Read More…]

How Are Jailbreaks Found and How Do They Work? iOS Kernel Exploitation Presentation Gives the Technical Details

How Jailbreaks Work Renowned jailbreaker i0n1c, aka Stefan Esser, has put together a rather extensive presentation titled “iOS Kernel Exploitation” that explains exactly how jailbreaks work, ranging from how the exploits are found, how new code is injected into the iOS devices, how untethers work, and so much more. It was presented live at last months Black Hat security conference, but now the slides are freely available on the web for  [Read More…]

redsn0w 0.9.8b3 for iOS 4.3.4 Released – Kernel Hackers Only

DISCLAIMER: READ EXTREMELY CAREFULLY About 30 minutes ago, MuscleNerd (@MuscleNerd) tweeted out that the iPhone Dev-Team has released the third beta of redsn0w for the recently released iOS 4.3.4. On the iPhone Dev-Team blog, a new addition to the post gives insight on what this update is all about.Please read EXTREMELY carefully:   Update #3: For the convenience of kernel hackers like @comex and @i0n1c, we have a new redsn0w  [Read More…]