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Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Save Your Mom Some Embarrassment, Disable Auto-Correct [iOS Tips]

Click for the full convo. Oy.

Click for the full convo. Oy.

Auto-correct is one of the most loved and hated features of the modern iPhone era, with tons of websites featuring the hilarious, and usually racy, mistakes that auto-correct seems to gleefully include in any hastily typed conversation with your mom.

There are other features that you can toggle off and on as well, but seriously, this is important. Right, mom?

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Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Tap And Slide For Other Characters [iOS Tips]

iOS Keyboard Slide

This is actually my favorite tip ever, and it’s usually the one I share with any new iOS owners I come across.

When you’re tapping away on the keyboard on your iPhone, there are bound to be times when you miss the right key. It happens, right? So, the options are to tap the delete button, and deal with all the auto-correct stuff, or just do this one  [Read More…]

Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Easily Add Special Symbols And Accents [iOS Tips]

Special Characters

So, there you are, typing a long note on your iPhone or iPad, when you suddenly realize that you need–gasp–a special symbol or accented character. Perhaps you want to use the £ (British pound) symbol, or the é symbol when sending an email to a business associate or family member.

No, you don’t have to use the Emoji keyboard (unless you want a copyright (©) symbol), but there is  [Read More…]

Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Dock, Undock, And Split On The iPad [iOS Tips]


Holding an iPad, especially the larger-sized iPad one through four, can be an exercise in finger strength, especially when typing with your thumbs in landscape mode and holding the iPad with both hands. Luckily, back in iOS 5, Apple gave us all the ability to split the iPad keyboard and move it closer to the middle of the screen. This also comes in handy with the new iPad mini when in  [Read More…]

Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Enable (And Disable) Emoji [iOS Tips]

Emoji Keyboard iOS

With iOS 5, Apple included Emoji as a standard keyboard option, obviating the need for separate Emoji apps (previously the only way to get the cute characters on your iOS device). The Emoji option continued in iOS 6, adding a bunch of new cute characters, as well as some welcome gay and lesbian avatars as well.

If you haven’t enabled Emoji yet, or you want to disable it  [Read More…]

The Touchfire: The World’s Thinnest And Lightest iPad Keyboard [Deals]

CoM - Touchfire2main

Portability and ease of use makes the iPad the perfect product for staying connected – whether you are on the move or in the comfort of your bed. At its core, the iPad is essentially the screen portion of a Macbook with touch capabilities. But there hasn’t been a true keyboard that acts like an external keyboard – one that you can use that keeps the iPad the tablet  [Read More…]

Logitech’s Easy-Share Keyboard Is So Good, We Reviewed It Twice [Reviews]

This is the last keyboard you’ll ever need.

K811 Easy-Switch by Logitech Category: Keyboards Works With: Mac, iPad, iPhone Price: $ 99

This review is slightly unusual: We already published a review of the same device a couple of weeks ago: the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard. I liked the look of it so much that — on Killian’s recommendation — I went out and bought one of my own. Or rather, I bought one,  [Read More…]

Fabulous NUU MiniKey Keyboard Case Comes to The iPhone 5


Our Killian Bell tossed around words like “terrific” and “impressive” when he reviewed the Nuu MiniKey for the iPhone 4/S two years ago. Now, the little backlit Bluetooth keyboard-case has almost arrived (it drops March 15) for the iPhone 5, with a whole slew of improvements.

Naturally the new, iPhone 5 version of the 42-key slide-out keyboard is bigger. But it’s also got improved Bluetooth connectivity, which means it’ll last  [Read More…]

Set Up an Instant Standing Desk with an iPad & Wireless Keyboard

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular as people realize just how detrimental it is to sit all day, but anyone who has looked into the significant expenses associated with buying a standing desk knows it’s not always the most realistic purchase. That’s where Caleb D.’s excellent submitted trick comes in; sync up an iPad to a Bluetooth wireless keyboard to create an instant standing desk just about anywhere.

Instant iPad standing desk[Read More…]

Want An Awesome Keyboard For Mac & iOS? Get The Logitech Easy-Switch [Review]


The Logitech Easy-Switch ($ 100) is a Bluetooth keyboard that’s designed to work with both Mac and iOS devices — at the same time. It’ll connect to up to three devices simultaneously, then it will allow you to quickly switch between them as and when you need to.

Its built to compliment your Mac, with an aluminum top cover, black accents, and black laser-etched keys that look right at home in front  [Read More…]