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Fleksy, the developer of an innovative third-party keyboard for the blind, launched its own integration software development kit (SDK) by partnering with four other app developers to include in their software. The partners include Launch Center Pro, Wordbox, GV Connect… Read more ›     

  I wonder just what effect the new iPad Air will have on keyboard covers? The iPads one to four were all big enough that you could pretty much squeeze a full-sized keyboard into a matching cover, but all the…

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SwiftKey creator TouchType will be closely watching Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday, hoping that the Cupertino company opens up its iOS platform to third-party keyboards for the first time. The SwiftKey keyboard has been exclusive to Android since its inception, but the company is itching to bring it to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

If you’re unfamiliar with SwiftKey, it’s one of the most popular third-party keyboards on Android, and the best-selling  [Read More...]

Apparently the OLPC cemented the colors green and white as the color scheme of choice for the education market, because now the new Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad is similarly hued.

I have no problem with that: the combo is so ugly that it’ll seriously diminish the resale value should light-fingered pupils decide to earn a little extra pocket money.

Apart from its green’n’whiteness, the new Logitech is unusual in other ways. First  [Read More...]

Bluetooth logo

Bluetooth devices are usually extremely reliable, but every once in a while something can start acting up and either lose it’s connection with the Mac completely, or suddenly develop a flaky connection. With something like the Apple Wireless Keyboard, a Magic Trackpad, or a Magic Mouse, it’s fairly obvious when something is going wrong; clicks will stop registering, keys will get stuck typing a character, the device will randomly disconnect,  [Read More...]

NBC has sent us a teaser clip from the show’s upcoming interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The exclusive segment with Brian Williams and Cook will air tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern/ 9 P.M Central on Rock Center.

In the one minute clip, Cook praises the iOS virtual keyboard and admits that he has “ditched physical keyboards” in favor of his iPhone and iPad.

At least part of the interview  [Read More...]

Lazerwood Wooden Keycaps For Apple Keyboards

Lazerwood Keys xl

What could be classier than adding a few extra millimeters to the height of your keycaps whilst simultaneously collaborating in the death of a walnut or cherry tree? Nothing, that’s what. Which is why these Lazerwood keys for Apple keyboards are pretty much the best thing ever.

Not only do these tree-killing keycaps make your keyboard way more attractive, the way a pair of elevator shoes make a short man into a veritable pussy magnet,  [Read More...]

Apple Patent Shows a New Way to Design Keyboards

Apple is infamous for pushing the limits of design, and a new patent could help the company push their minimalistic influences further. The patent in question is called “Single Support Lever Keyboard Mechanism,” and describes multiple ways Apple could continue to trim down their already svelte products. According to the patent application the new designs come from a need to create products that continue to be “attractive, smaller, lighter, and thinner while maintaining user functionality.” Most notebook keyboards  [Read More...]

I use multiple keyboards on my iOS devices English (US), Emoji, and Deutsch (German). It used to be a drag to have to click the globe icon on the keyboard multiple times to get to the keyboard you needed, but not any more. You can reach all your keyboards with just one finger!     If you are accessing a keyboard anywhere in iOS and you have multiple keyboards active you’ll  [Read More...]

Apple hit a home run with its wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard is compact, good-looking and functional. It even works great in conjunction with devices like the iPad, thanks to its easy setup over Bluetooth. Being only 12.5mm thick, the Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard features a design that Apple would be proud of. With a LED backlit set of keys that magically lifts off of a flat slab when you’re ready to type, this  [Read More...]