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CurrentC might have to wait until 2016 to get its ass kicked

Tim Cook has claimed that 2015 is going to be the year of Apple Pay, but it might not even face serious competition until 2016. CurrentC, the payments app in development by the consortium of retailers called MCX, might not launch as soon as the company had hoped, the company’s CEO revealed in a recent […][Read More…]

The Apple Watch has kicked Nike+ Fuelband and Jawbone Up off the Apple Store

The Apple Watch is coming, and this means it’s time for Apple to put all of the crappier fitness bands its been selling all these years into the airlock and flush them into deep space. No surprise, then, that with…Read more ›

Fitbit’s pulse weakens as it gets kicked out of Apple Stores

Fitbit’s lineup of activity trackers may soon get exiled from the Apple Store, sources have told Recode, as Apple prepares to launch its own lineup of wearables next year. It’s unclear whether other activity trackers will suffer the same fate,…Read more ›

PayPal got kicked out of Apple Pay for partnering with Samsung

Apple Pay’s launch in the U.S. next month is being supported by some of the biggest players in the payments industry in the country except PayPal, but according to a report from Banking Innovation, Apple actually wanted PayPal to be…Read more ›

Apple Kicked AppGratis Out Of The App Store For Push Notifications Violations


Earlier today we reported that Apple mysteriously decided to pull the app discovery service AppGratis from the App Store over the weekend.

Apple confirmed that they have pulled the app from the App Store after it was decided AppGratis violates the App Store guidelines in two major ways.

All Things D reports that Apple informed them that AppGratis violates clause 2.25 and 5.6 which state the following:

“2.25 Apps that display  [Read More…]

Kicked Out Of iOS 6, Google Releases Official YouTube App. Its A Vast Improvement

With iOS 6, Apple’s dumping YouTube from the built-in app suite, but that’s okay, because the YouTube app has sucked for years. Why? Because Apple made the app, and they didn’t care about YouTube, especially after Google started competing directly with Apple using Android… which happened almost immediately after the original iPhone was released. That means that the current YouTube app shipping on every iOS device is more-or-less the same one  [Read More…]

iMAME Kicked Out of Apple’s App Store

If you are a fan of vintage arcade games then you probably read our previous article about iMAME, the popular emulation tool for MAME (which stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). The emulators can be used to recreate the experience of classic coin-op and console videogames on PCs, Macs, and jailbroken iOS devices. The main catch here being that in order to run the old games, you need a copy of the game ROM code.  [Read More…]

Situation Gets Kicked Out of Apple Store For Being Himself

Special treatment from Cupertino is rare. Hell, even Steve Wozniak had to stand in line to get an iPhone 4S and he helped start the freaking company (well Woz actually chose to wait in line, but whatever). I’m not sure what The Situation, of Jersery Shore fame (why do these people exist), was expecting when he strolled into an Apple Store demanding to get his 4S before everyone else. Gizmodo first reported, and we confirmed,  [Read More…]

How Far Can You Push Apple Store Geniuses Before You Get Kicked Out? Pretty Far. [Humor]

The Geniuses at your local Apple Store are trained to be some of the most confident and unflappable retail employees in the biz, but how far can you push it? Can you order a pizza in an Apple Store? Can you take your wife on a date to one? Can you get your iPhone repaired dressed as Darth Vader? Can you bring your pet goat into the store?   Comedian Mark Malkoff set to find out, and the answers are  [Read More…]