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Old-Style Newspaperman Flash Gun For iPhone [Kickstarter]



It’s hard to overstate my love of the Paparazzo light, despite the fact that I have never touched or even seen one outside of the photos on its Kickstarter page. Maybe it's the idea I like so much: it's an old-style flashgun which pumps out a ridiculous 300 lumens of subject-petrifying light whilst making you look like and old-school newspaperman.

The styling is 100% retro, but the LED tech, the lithium  [Read More…]

iPhone Flashr Case Glows and Blinks When You Get A Call [Kickstarter]


The closest you'll get to using your iPhone as a lightsaber.


The Flashr is a Kickstarter iPhone-case project with a dropped vowel in its name, but that’s where the cliches end. The Flashr is in fact a clever little case which redirects the iPhone’s own blinky LED alerts and makes them way, way more noticeable – just what alerts should be.

The case is a low-tech plastic bumper-with-a-back style  [Read More…]

The FLASHr Case Brings Awesome LED Notifications To iOS [Kickstarter]

The best use of the iPhone’s LED flash to date.

Every so often, an iOS accessory maker takes advantage of a little-known or little-used feature to create a really unique product that no one else thought of. The FLASHr from Phaze5 is a Kickstarter project that falls right into that category. It’s an iPhone case that lights up whenever you receive a call, text message, or email ó but there are no  [Read More…]

Cube, A $35 Plastic Box For Your iPhone [Kickstarter]

Let me tell you a story. Many years ago, I was a cocktail bartender in a busy London bar. I had just gotten a brand new dumb-phone (a Siemens if I remember correctly), a little silver candy-bar of crap, but it was my candy-bar of crap, and I’d owned it only a few hours.

On shift, I switched the phone to silent and put it in a rocks glass on the backbar, behind my station. The bottom shelf  [Read More…]

Statc Is A Mgntic Trpod Fr Yr iPhne Or Camra [Kickstarter]

Statc3 mini

The Statc works great with camera or iPhones

Vowels are dropped from names so commonly these days that it can only end with the leftover consonants becoming so jammed together that they will densify and densify into some kind of alphanumerical black hole, dragging in all words until us humans will be rendered mute, and I will be forced to shut up once and for all. And if you thought  [Read More…]

Kickstarter Success Story LandingZone is a Sleek Docking Station for the MacBook Air

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / IWORLD 2012 ó Iíve been looking for a docking station for my 11-inch MacBook Air ever since I picked it up a few months back. Not only has there not been anything that has caught my eye, but there havenít been many available to even look at. But thereís a Kickstarter-backed docking station that is on display here at Macworld/iWorld that is on my radar: LandingZone. LandingZone  [Read More…]

TRTL BOT Unveils Chunky, Kid-Friendly iPad 2 Case on Kickstarter

  Los Angeles-based TRTL BOT turned to Kickstarter for the latest project: A massive, multi-use iPad 2 case/stand called The Shell, with a nod to keeping an iPad safe during brutal use. Like when itís in the hands of kids.   Yeah, itís big and froggy green (donít like frogs? It also comes black or white) ó but itís got a handle that turns into a stand for both landscape  [Read More…]

Kickstarter Project Wants to Bring iOS Apps to Android & Windows Devices, But Good Luck

iEmu is a Kickstarter project from Chris Wade ó one of the guyís behind the first iPhone jailbreak ó and his team, which is aiming to emulate iOS applications on Android, Mac and Windows devices. But is it really possible?   The project is being built on top of the open-source QEMU emulator, but according to TechCrunch, itís not going to be an easy one. In addition to finding a way  [Read More…]