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Why Is This $480 Stand So Shockingly Expensive, and Why is Its Seemingly Coolest Feature Free? [Kickstarter]



This is the Scandock, a $ 480 stand that turns your iPhone or Android handset into a better scanner. There are already some great scanner apps out there — here’s an iOS example, and here’s one for Android, both of which are around $ 5. The Scandock is almost a whopping 100 times more expensive, but claims improved results.

How? The stand incorporates four main features: a lighting system to  [Read More…]

The Audojo Case Adds Analog Sticks & Triggers To Your iPad [Kickstarter]


I love gaming on my iPad, but for certain titles, virtual controls just don’t cut it. First-person shooters, fast-paced platforms, and even sports simulators are much better with physical controls. And there are plenty of them for iOS devices, but the Audojo for iPad could be the most convenient.

It’s a case with built-in analog sticks and triggers that turns your iPad into a real handheld gaming machine. But there is  [Read More…]

Futuristic Touch-Screen, Home-Control Wifi Router Already Has $90K Backing on Kickstarter After Just One Day

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_9HE3wD77g?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Securifi’s new Almond+ router, a touch-screen router — really the touch-screen router, since the only other router available with a touch screen is the earlier version of the Almond, released mid last year and still available on Amazon for $ 80 — went live today on Kickstarter. It’s already lassoed over $ 90,000 in backing as this post goes live, with a goal of $ 250,000; that’s a third of its funding goal, just within its first day  [Read More…]

Meriwether, a Lewis And Clark RPG, Funded On Kickstarter, Looking For Stretch Goal Donations


It’s not often that you get to say something like “Lewis and Clark RPG,” right? Not Lois and Clark, but LEWIS and Clark, the famous explorers from American history, who did a whole lot of exploring, have a trail named after them, and will always be associated with Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who traveled with them to serve as guide and translator.

The Meriwether Kickstarter project has 50 hours to  [Read More…]

James Bond Just Might Fund One Of These ViVAX Laptop Cases On Kickstarter

Can you hear the surf guitar from here?

Feeling a bit secret agent lately, and looking for the ultimate in protection for your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? The folks over at ViVAX think they have the solution, with their completely sealed, impact-proof laptop case using a variety of cutting edge technologies. Made completely in Italy, the developers behind the project claim this is the first Italian-based Kickstarter project of its kind,  [Read More…]

New Kickstarter Game Project, RAW, Says That Casual Gamers Need Hardcore Games, Too

Two-man Detour Games wants to give the casual crowd a hardcore game, with RAW, a game currently in development. It will hopefully get funded as a Kickstarter project, too.

RAW will be a 2D action platformer/runner on rails for Android, OUYA, and desktop computers, and hopefully on iOS as well, if the project meets its stretch goals. In it, a cyborg juggernaut named RAW must keep running to stay charged  [Read More…]

Apple Reverses Stance On Lighting Rules To Allow POP Kickstarter Project

POP is back in business!

Last week, we told you about how Apple’s ridiculous Lightning rules forced a Kickstarter project to shut down after raising $ 140,000. The POP Station was intended to provide charging for multiple kinds of connectors, including Lightning and the older 30-pin. For users who own newer Apple devices and legacy 30-pin devices, the POP solved the problem of constantly switching out cables.

After raising the money, the makers  [Read More…]

Apple’s Ridiculous Lightning Rules Force $140,000 Kickstarter Project To Close

Apple’s guidelines for its new Lightning connector have forced a popular Kickstarter project that sourced almost $ 140,000 in funding — more than twice the amount it required — to close and refund all of its backers. Electronics firm Edison Jr designed a charging station compatible with a multitude of Android and iOS devices called the POP. But after exceeding its funding goal, it quickly realized that Apple wouldn’t approve it.

Edison  [Read More…]

The Mac Belt Is This Year’s Most Unintentionally Hilarious Gadget [Kickstarter]

Oh man! The Mac Belt is an amazing combination of flat-out utility and naively wrongheaded design. It is exactly the kind of thing you expect a mad professor to come up with, except this crackpot product is actually out there on Kickstarter.

Here’s a brief description: The Mac Belt is a belt (the kind that holds your pants up) with a giant novelty buckle. And that buckle folds out to make a little bracket for  [Read More…]

Skinny Mojo Speaker Is Like a Steamrollered Jambox [Kickstarter]

Here’s how you start an e-mail pitch:

In your last post about the Braven 570, I loved how you said that someday you might stop writing about candy bar shaped speakers. Well, today is the day for a Bluetooth speaker that shaped like, well, paper.

That speaker is the CoverPlay Mojo, a skinny speaker that will snuggle into your luggage between your shirts, instead of needing to be jammed inside a shoe like all its  [Read More…]