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If You’ve Ever Wished Your iPhone Had A Massive Snooze Button… [Kickstarter]

A very long three years ago, one of the very first appcessories we ever saw was this crazy-looking hardware clock that mimicked a virtual clock on the face of the iPhone. Whee! Yeah, we weren’t too impressed either. But these guys have the right idea about how to make the iPhone a better clock: add a massive snooze button.

Distil Union hatched the Snooze from its Kickstarter icubator today, and the thing  [Read More…]

Creator Of Educational Game ‘Code Hero’ Reportedly Spends Kickstarter Money And Disappears

Alex Peake leads Primer Labs, an indie game development company that has been working on Code Hero, an innovative game that’s meant to teach students how to code software. The game was said to be in development for Mac and Windows, with an iOS version also in the works.

Code Hero was a huge success on Kickstarter earlier this year, as Peake raised $ 170,000 in just a couple days. The funding  [Read More…]

Peter Molyneux’s 22cans Announces Mac Version of Kickstarter game, GODUS

Calling GODUS “a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux,” the game’s Kickstarter page has some new details on the project, the second from Curiosity’s 22cans games studio. With nine days left to go and about half of its funding goal met, Project GODUS just may be worth a look. Originally set to release on iOS, Android, and PC, the game will also be available on the Mac  [Read More…]

Crazy Rube Goldbergian iPhoneography Kit Gives Amazing Results [Kickstarter]

I’ll say it right now: The Ninth Sprocket Pro Kit looks like a spoof. It’s another Kickstarter project which converts an iPhone into a big-boys camera, complete with pro accessories and mounting options. It is also the weirdest, and possibly unwieldiest camera case I’ve ver seen.

The designer, Mark Shurtleff has been working on his invention for two year. Apparently “working on” means “sketching a building from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and then, two years  [Read More…]

This Boomerang Looks A Lot Like The iPad Mounting System We All Want [Kickstarter]

The Boomerang is a new Kickstarter iPad accessory from the one-device-to-rule-them all crowd — it’s a combination universal mounting system and frame. The hinged, X-shaped frame snaps onto the back of your iPad, while a powerful, centrally located magnet of its back allows it to attach to a wide variety of stands and mounts that Uros Cadez, the project’s creator, has already designed. Even without any accessory mounts, the frame’s hinge  [Read More…]

The Leash: One Camera Strap To Rule Them All [Kickstarter]

I hate camera straps. I’m forever taking one off and threading another one through the camera’s eyelets or hooking up some device to the tripod screw or just wrapping a neck strap around my wrist. For something that’s so simple, and has been around for so long, the camera strap sure is a badly-designed piece of junk.

The Leash, on the other hand (or other shoulder), is an attempt to combine all straps ever into  [Read More…]

Help Bill Nye Fund This iPad Game To Teach Aerodynamics On Kickstarter

Bill Nye!? Sign me up!

Bill Nye “The Science Guy!” is working with developer Gamedesk to create a game for the iPad to teach kids all about aerodynamics, and they’re funding it on Kickstarter. The tagline? “Help Us Teach Difficult Science Concepts Through a Beautifully Engaging 3D Bird Flying Game.” How can it go wrong?

GameDesk has already created an early prototype of the game, using funds from a partnership  [Read More…]

ORA Speaker Turns iPad Into a Movie Theater In Your Lap [Kickstarter]

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There’s a point at which a cover becomes the main attraction. Iron Man’s suit is clearly a suit. But Ripley’s Power Loader? I’d argue that it’s a mini crane with a clever, human-shaped cockpit. And so it is with the ORA, which claims to be an iPad case but is in fact a miniature theater. A miniature theater into which the iPad can be clipped.

The  [Read More…]

Projecteo, The Tiniest, Cutest (And Only) Instagram Projector In The Whole Wide World [Kickstarter]

The Projecteo is pretty frikkin’ awesome. It’s a teeny-tiny projector that throws an image from a little circle of film up onto the wall of a darkened room.

The interchangeable disks are loaded with cut-down 35mm film stock, and each one can fit on nine of your amazing Instagrams.

The ideas just keep on coming. An iPhone app (natch) is used to select your images, whereupon the circular selection is sent to the lab  [Read More…]

Memoto Camera Photographs Your Entire Life, Every 30 Seconds [Kickstarter]

I own a cheap plastic tape measure. I also own (or rather, haven’t yet tossed out) a conference lanyard with a retractable card holder for my laminated ID.

Why am I telling you this? Because both of them look just like the Memoto, a teeny-tiny lifeblogging camera which you wear around your neck or clip on your clothes. Like both of my crapgadgets, the Memoto is small and inconspicuous. Apart from the bright-orange color…

  [Read More…]