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Dock+ Adds Weight To The iPhone 5 [Kickstarter]

The only person who cares that your old 30-pin dock doesn’t fit your new iPhone 5 is you. Everyone else is ecstatic. Apple gets to cross another SKU off its product list, and third-party makers can sniff the sweet, sweet smell of opportunity in the air. The opportunity to separate you from yet more of your easily-spent dollars.

One such opportunist is David W, the clever chap behind the Dock+, the first Kickstarter dock we’ve  [Read More…]

Stow-Away Lens Cap Holder Finally Solves World’s Biggest Problem [Kickstarter]

Another week, another clever way to hold your lens cap.

One of the very best things about the iPhone’s camera, aside from its portability, its speed, its quality, its connectivity and its ability to share pictures instantly. And to edit them. And its tough, sapphire crystal protective cap. And… Wait. Where was I?

Ah, yes. One of the best things about the iPhone camera is that there’s no lens cap to lose. That’s not the  [Read More…]

The Complete Dock For iPhone 5, iPad And Xoom (!) [Kickstarter]

Apple’s Universal Dock is anything but universal. It won’t work with any iPads, it won’t work with the iPhone 5, and it sure as hell won’t fit a Motorola Xoom. And unless you’re using it two-handed, and you’re wide awake, it doesn’t even work very well with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Complete Dock, on the other hand, works with almost anything. Hell, if you wanted to dock your cruise ship in it you  [Read More…]

LIFX, The iPhone-Controlled Any-Color Lightbulb [Kickstarter]

Set any mood in your room, from psychopathic red to cat-lady off-yellow.

Question: How many iPhone owners does it take to change a lightbulb(‘s color)?

Answer: One. As long as he has installed the LIFX app, and bought the LIFX remote-controlled lightbulb.

The LIFX packs LEDs and a Wi-Fi access point into its pear-shaped body, and that simple combination makes it pretty awesome. Screw it in and you’re off. The  [Read More…]

Sword Of Fargoal 2 for iOS and Mac Gets A Kickstarter Campaign

Sword of Fargoal 2, an upcoming game for Mac OS X, iOS, PC, and Linux, just launched a fund raising project on Kickstarter. This will be a sequel to the iOS and Mac OS X game that was itself a re-imagining of the original Commodore 64 game from 1980.

The team is high-end, as it includes original developer Kevin McCord, developer Paul Pridham (Saucelifter, Punch Quest), Emmy award-winning animator Charlie Canfield, and  [Read More…]

iPhone Case Cleverly Carries Charging Cable [Kickstarter]

Ultra thin, apparently. Also: Pat.pending.

It used to be that if your phone ran out of juice, you could just pop into the nearest bar or cafe and ask “Do you have a Nokia charger?”, and the waitron would hand you one of the needle-tipped jacks from some cupboard or drawer.

Now, things have moved on. Battery life is measured in hours, not days, and Nokia is going the way of RIM and if  [Read More…]

Broken Sword Sequel Blasts Past The Halfway Point on Kickstarter In Only 4 Days

Fan favorite (and BAFTA award-winning) point and click adventure game series Broken Sword is getting a sequel, called The Serpent’s Curse, and it’s being funded in part via Kickstarter. It’s a new adventure for Mac (and PC) starring series regulars George and Nico being developed by series creator, Charles Cecil, and his company Revolution Software.

The Broken Sword series has garnered many awards, including four BAFTAs, the Pocket Gamer  [Read More…]

QuickDraw Fast-Changing Belt-Mounted Lens Bayonets Are Totally Awesome [Kickstarter]


I imagine that every SLR user ever will want the QuickDraw.

QuickDraw is about as apt a name for a gadget as any we’ve ever seen. And the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that obviousness extends to its function: Quickdraw is a lens bayonet that hangs on your belt and lets you clip any spare lenses around your waist, read to for – you guessed it – a quick draw.

It gets even better when you  [Read More…]

Mobi-Lens, A Photographic Clothespin For Your iPhone, iPad, Whatever [Kickstarter]

Mobi-Lens: Like the Olloclip, only more promiscuous.

If I owned an iPhone, then I’d already have bought the Olloclip lens, a clip on widget which adds fisheye, macro and wideangle lenses to the iPhone using a slip-over clip. It’s impossible to line it up wrong, and it fits in a pocket or bag.

But I don’t have an iPhone. I have an iPad. And I hate futzing around with all the magnetic  [Read More…]

Radiul, A Paper Holder For Your iPad [Kickstarter]

  Paper. Ugh. Whenever somebody hands me a business card, a flyer or forces me to use a printer boarding pass sigh, my shoulders drop a little and I weep for the short-sighted idiots behind these backward-looking incidents. Usually I just snap a photo with my iPads camera and recycle the offending ex-tree. But sometimes all I need is a to copy a few lines of info. This is, I guess, where the Radiul Mobile comes in. Its a paper  [Read More…]