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The Retina iMac is a sweet, sweet machine, but starting at $ 2,499, it’s one of the most expensive Macs you can buy, short of the new Mac Pro. But if you’re tempted to buy one, here’s a cheaper way to… Read more ›

Amazon readies ‘Netflix killer’ video service

Amazon will roll out a new, standalone video streaming service next year that won’t be bundled with a $ 99 Prime subscription, according to sources familiar with its plans. The retail giant hopes to take on rivals like Netflix and Hulu… Read more ›

Google’s new Inbox app is a godsend for people like me who seem to teeter on the brink of inbox bankruptcy weekly, but there’s one problem with the killer Gmail manager: it’s not only available on iOS, Chrome, and Android.… Read more ›

The holidays are approaching fast. Make gift giving easy by shopping at Cult of Mac Deals. For the music lover on your list, check out these four awesome devices that he or she would love to receive. Each audio device… Read more ›

How to create killer GIFs on your Mac in 60 seconds

I love GIFs. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the greatest gift God ever bestowed upon the Internet. iOS 8 has made communicating solely through GIFs easier than ever thanks to third-party keyboards, and while most Mac users think making them requires Photoshop… Read more ›

Great Scott! We highlight a lot of bundles here and they’re all really awesome, but today we profile a bundle that, hands down, you absolutely need to have. In The Mac To The Future Bundle you get 8 elite Mac… Read more ›

When constructing an iOS app, there’s so much more to consider than just the source code. Your app needs to be as user friendly as possible, which is where design skills come into play. Now you can learn to bring… Read more ›

Working at Apple isn’t a cake walk. Any former or current employee will tell you that point blank. On a recent episode of the Debug podcast, ex-Apple managers Don Melton and Nitin Ganatra discuss the ridiculous hours senior-level employees are… Read more ›

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the biggest iPhones yet. But that comes with a drawback: Since they have bigger batteries than any iPhone ever, they also take longer to charge. But here’s a killer trick. You can… Read more ›

Your iPhone makes a bold statement about you. No matter if you have the brand new iPhone 6 or an earlier version, it says that you are a person of style, who wants the best of the best at all… Read more ›