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Evernote is killing Skitch, Clearly and its Pebble app

Evernote’s efforts to streamline its business will see it chop a number of apps from its lineup, including the popular annotation app Skitch. Clearly, a browser extension for Google Chrome, is also getting the boot — as is Evernote’s Pebble app. Evernote’s announcement comes after the company has struggled to make money, despite hitting 150 […]

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Apple is killing Beats Music this month

Apple has confirmed that it will shut down its Beats Music streaming service on November 30. The news comes just days after Apple Music finally arrived on Android, and users are being encouraged to switch over to its new platform. Apple makes it easy for Beats Music users to migrate their profile — including picks and […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch is killing Swiss watches faster than expected

The third-quarter figures are in for the Swiss watch industry, and it’s not good news. Exports slid 8.5 percent over the past three months, continuing a trend that has some worried that newer tech like the Apple Watch might be affecting demand for traditional timepieces. Analysts are citing falling sales in Asia as the reason […]

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Why Verizon killing subsidized phones is good for Apple

Verizon Wireless announced today that it’s killing subsidized phones for good, and will streamline its data offerings to just four plans. New subscribers will no longer have the option to get their iPhone subsidized when signing up for two-year contract, starting on August 13th. In order to get a new iPhone on Verizon, you’ll now have […][Read More…]

The anti-Apple Watch is made of marble, and it’s killing it on Kickstarter

The Apple Watch is the best watch I’ve ever owned. It’s also the first watch I’ve owned in over a decade but amazing features like the heart rate monitor, responding to texts from my wrist, and being able to see…Read more ›

Chrome update will stop Flash from killing your battery

An upcoming improvement to Google’s web browser will empower it to “intelligently pause content” that isn’t crucial to the page, therefore saving your laptop battery a whole lot of grief. Google announced the Chrome update, which is currently available on…Read more ›

iPhone is killing it in Europe thanks to Android switchers

Europe was supplanted by China this past quarter as the second most important market for Apple, but according to a new report from Kantar, the iPhone-maker is gaining grown in Europe thanks to Android switchers. Over 30% of Apple’s new…Read more ›

Picture-perfect strategy: Why killing Aperture means Apple will rule the cloud

Ubiquitous cloud storage and editing solutions for your photos are like buses: You wait ages for one, and then two come along at once. Both Apple and Adobe are going all-in on allowing you to view and edit your photos…Read more ›

Crystal Baller: Killing the headphone jack and other stupid Apple rumors

How Facebook Is Killing Your iPhone’s Battery Life (And What You Can Do About It)

Does your iPhone battery constantly drain from 100% to nearly 0%? You might think the battery is to blame, but there could be a far more dastardly culprit: Facebook. Over at Overthought.org, an ex-Apple Genius with much experience trying to…Read more ›