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Jimmy Kimmel mocks Apple in ‘Just Give Us Your Money’ ad

Apple has no shortage of products and gadgets to show off lately. The company recently released the Apple Watch, its music streaming platform came out this week, and we’re closing in on the reveal of the next iPhone. But late-night…Read more ›

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Rip the iPad Mini [Video]

jimmy kimmel skit about the ipad mini something or other

Every time Apple launches a new product, a bunch of comedy surfaces around it to give us all some laughs. Now it’s late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s turn, and he’s jumping on the the good-humored iPad Mini bashing bandwagon in an amusing comparison of past and present Apple products. No further spoilers, but check out the video below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyWSEwKPo8s?rel=0&w=620&h=349]

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Suckers’ Who Are Buying The New iPad Mini [Video]

Buying an iPad mini today? You’re just another ‘sucker’, apparently.

Apple’s iPad mini goes on sale today, and a lot of you who are reading this are likely going to pick one up, or will be waiting in for yours to be delivered. One person who probably won’t be buying the device, however, is chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, who calls it “a bigger but not gigantic iPod you cannot talk on.”

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