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Kind taxi driver travels two hours to return lost iPhone

A self-driving Apple Car may not yet be a reality, but that didn’t stop a Bangkok taxi driver from travelling two hours to return a passenger’s lost iPhone, which they had left in the back of his taxi cab. “On my birthday on Wednesday just before midnight, [the driver] showed up at my hotel to return my phone. He’s a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Jailbreak tweak brings 3D Touch to older iPhones. Kind of.

3D Touch has been the most widely-praised feature of the iPhone 6s in its advance reviews, so it’s no great surprise that savvy jailbreakers would attempt to replicate the technology in older iPhones. One attempt at this is a new free tweak called ForceTouchActivator, which tries to impersonate 3D Touch by using long presses to expand […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Serious or funny – what kind of film will Citizen George become?

Citizen George is slated to be a full-length independent film about a director who creates a hugely popular space opera film trilogy (read, George Lucas and Star Wars), only to end up releasing disappointing film prequels 20 years later. So…Read more ›

Why Apple needed to invent a new kind of gold for Apple Watch Edition

For the 18 karat gold Apple Watch Edition, Jony Ive told The Financial Times on Friday that Apple had created a process to place molecules in Apple gold closer together, consequently making it harder than standard gold. But there’s more…Read more ›

Apple devised a new kind of gold for Apple Watch

Jony Ive’s interview with the Financial Times this morning is packed with nerdy details on the Apple Watch and Jony’s life. Slipped in among the juicy design bits, Sir Jonathan also hinted that Apple may have invented an entirely new…Read more ›

Working Apple-1 goes (kind of) cheap at auction

A working Apple-1 computer has sold at a Christie’s auction for $ 365,000: more than 600x the $ 600 that was paid for it back in July 1976, when it was bought from Steve Jobs. While the figure is certainly sizeable, however,…Read more ›

Moon Hunters asks, What kind of hero are you?

SEATTLE — Tanya Short, fresh off the successful release of sci-fi-themed indie game Shattered Planet, thinks her new game has widespread appeal. For a game set in ancient Mesopotamia, that’s saying a lot. KitFox Games’ Moon Hunters, due out next…Read more ›

Apple patents a new kind of Lightning Cable and an iPhone superdock

Have you ever cracked a Lightning connector, or — perish the thought — your iPhone itself when roughly yanking it out of a dock? Apple’s working on the problem. Cupertino’s patent department just filed an application with the U.S. Patent…Read more ›

Twin-stick shooter Ekon the Cyborg is the best kind of throwback

I really can’t get enough of twin-stick shooters. Ekon the Cyborg by Wicked Dog Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: Free I don’t know what it is, but they have a very specific kind of…Read more ›

Amazon’s Gesture-Controlled iPhone Killer Sounds Kind Of Stupid

Last month, we reported that always reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was predicting that when Amazon finally gets into the smartphone business, it challenge the iPhone with a smartphone with as many as six different cameras. Kuo predicted that at least…Read more ›