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Apple Watch apps kinda suck, but Cupertino hopes you won’t notice

At this week’s “Let us loop you in” keynote, Apple revealed a major shift in its smartwatch strategy. Tim Cook tried to dress it up by announcing new Apple Watch bands and a price drop, but the most significant aspect was what he did not say: There was no mention of third-party Watch apps. After […]

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Kinda Serious, Hardcore Or Crazy Fitness Maniac: Wahoo’s Trio Of New TICKR Bluetooth Heart-Rate Straps [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS — Rather than come out with a more casual-oriented wearable fitness tracker like everyone (and we mean everyone) else, Wahoo stuck to its athletic roots and took the more serious route of improving the heart-rate monitor strap and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Artpop’ Is … OK, It’s Kinda Weird

Artpop — Music — Free Are you a creative, psychic Lady Gaga fan with an interest in intergalactic travel? If not, does any of that at least sound like something you’d like to see? Hey, Artpop. It’s a slick, shiny…Read more ›

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Gunner Z Makes Driving A Giant, Armored Truck Kinda Boring [Review]

Gunner ZI really hate zombies. They’re gross and smelly and violent, and they get everywhere. So killing them is basically a victimless crime, right? For example: If I were to, say, take a truck and attach a giant mechanical arm to it, and then put a gun on the end of that arm, and then have […]

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The Bracketron, A Robotic Power-Sucking Vampire Symbiote… Kinda

This is the Bracketron, a robot which will help you fill out your NCAA tournament charts. Not really. The Bracketron is in fact a robot which will help you put up shelves that won’t fall down as soon as you place something breakable up there.

NOT REALLY AGAIN. The Bracketron is a USB charger which leeches its power from an outlet that is already in use. Which actually makes it better than  [Read More…]

FocusTwist Turns Your iPhone Into A Lytro Camera… Kinda

FocusTwist attempts to turn your iPhone into a Lytro Light Field camera, complete with photos that can be focussed after you take them. How does it perform this technological magic? It cheats.

The app takes a pragmatic approach: it brackets focus. That is, it snaps several pictures of the same scene and combines them. Then, when you share the result via Twitter, people can tap on an object and it’ll snap into focus.

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OS X Messages Is The Future Of Chat, But Still Kinda Buggy [Hands-On]

When Apple announced iMessage for iOS 5 last summer we were excited to finally have a universal messaging app that sought to free our cellphones from the slavery of wireless carrier texting plans. Today with the announcement of Messages for OS X it looks like Apple is serious about creating a messaging service that supplants texting and chat services by providing a one size fits all solution that works well  [Read More…]

This Machined, Articulated iPad Stand Looks Kinda Like a Scuplture

Just like the Hanfree iPad stand we featured back when it was a Kickstarter pipe-dream (its real now though), Dave Culters Flote iPad stand blends decor, design and device. The result? An iPad stand that lets you position your iPad anywhere you damn well please and looks good doing it. Reminiscent of 50s industrial design, the metal (were assuming its aluminum alloy), machined stand has an articulated arm that will allow the iPad to be placed in pretty much  [Read More…]

Griffins IntelliCase for iPad 2 Makes Apples Smart Cover Look Kinda Dumb

Smart Cover? IntelliCase? Yeah, theres no product-naming rivalry going on there. And just like its name, Griffins IntelliCase, is a cooler version of Apples ubiquitous iPad 2 Smart Cover, because it adds something sorely missing from Apples version: a back. For $ 60 ($ 20 more than the Smart Cover), Griffins version, which ships today, has the snazzy magnetic wake-on-opening trick and foldable stand brilliance, but turns into a folio  [Read More…]