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Kindness company tries to sell you on paying it forward

When a man in Australia created a service where you could pay him to send glitter bombs to unsuspecting enemies, his story went viral and a crushing number of requests shut down his website. Jesse Weinberg wonders if what worked for vengeance might also work with kindness. Weinberg’s Kindness & Co. will send you a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Random Acts of Kindness Go Mobile with iPhone App

These days of spectacularly gloomy news just might be getting you down. If you�re looking for an antidote to the �If it bleeds, it leads� media mentality, a do-good iPhone app might be just the thing.

Called �Boom Boom!� it�ll feed you a diet of good news and shared acts of kindness to go. The free app is based on a feel-good game called Boom Boom cards, which has 26 acts  [Read More…]