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iPad Pro Diary: The iOS ecosystem is much deeper than I knew

iPad Pro Diary, Day 2: I have a shameful confession to make. Even though I’ve been using an iPad and iPhone for years, I haven’t really been using them. I do a few things that haven’t changed for donkeys. I read on the iPad all the time and send the odd email. I play songs […]

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Jot Dash is the iPad stylus you never knew you needed

SAN FRANCISCO — You’d think stylus maker Adonit would be terrified by rumors that Apple is about to release a plus-size iPad Pro with its very own writing accessory, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to Ian Shirey, Adonit’s chief strategy officer, facing competition from Apple would be the sweetest vindication of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Jony Ive Knew What He Wanted iOS To Look Like Back In 2005


Want proof that Scott Forstall blocked Jony Ive’s vision for iOS? Here’s an early prototype for the iPhone, made in 2005 by Jony Ive’s industrial design lab. On the back it says “iPod” because it was based in the design of the old aluminum iPod Mini. Remember that dinosaur? But check out the icons on screen. Look familiar? The icons on the prototype’s screen look just like iOS 7!

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Apple: Steve Jobs Would Roll In His Grave If He Knew How The DoJ Was Twisting His Words


Yesterday, the Department of Justice published its case against Apple for allegedly conspiring with publishers to raise the price of ebooks. Now, Apple’s responded, calling the DoJ’s case “bizarre” and saying that they are twisting the words of Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs.

Appearing in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday, Apple’s lawyer Orin Synder denied that Apple had conspired to do anything, and said that far from publishers colluding with Apple  [Read More…]

There Is A Surreal Cyberpunk Adventure Game Built Into OS X That You Never Knew About

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.55.33 AM

OS X comes with an almost non-existent collection of games by default. You’ve got a really lackluster chess game that hasn’t been updated for over a decade… and that’s pretty much it.

But did you know OS X has a secret game you’ve probably never seen, built right into the kernel of the operating system? It does, but don’t expect something on the level of Infinity  [Read More…]

Twelve Souths BackPack 2 Is The iMac Shelf You Probably Never Knew You Needed [Review]

The BackPack 2 shelf hanging on a 27-inch iMac.

Twelve South is really good at making attractive, beautifully packaged and well marketed accessories for Apple lovers.

Often, their accessories seem born from a small idea — what if your MacBook could look like a book, or what if you could attach your iPad to an arm connected to your Mac — but through excellence in execution, these small ideas quickly become indispensible.

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Yahoo Pulls The Plug On A Slew Of Apps You Never Knew Existed

Yahoo has decided to do some pre-Spring cleaning and has announced they will no longer be supporting their lesser used apps. This may make some of you Yahoo app addicts sad, but for the rest of us, Im sure we wont mind. Yahoo has stated that as the mobile space moves at an insane rate, they too must keep up with what users want and are looking for in todays market.  [Read More…]

Apple Knew Steve Jobs Was On His Death Bed At iPhone 4S Event, Worked With Local Police To Prepare

Apple was aware that Steve Jobs was on his deathbed at the subdued iPhone 4S announcement. Not only that, but they met with police in Palo Alto, California earlier in the week to notify them that Steve Jobs was close to death, and to arrange for additional security around his home.   Bloomberg reports: Following the meeting, the police devised a plan to put patrols in the area around the  [Read More…]