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Everything You Need To Know About Apple And PRISM


Today the story broke about PRISM, a supposedly top-secret program at the US National Security Agency (NSA) that has been in operation since 2007.

Who’s Involved? The NSA and the FBI Microsoft (2007), Yahoo (2008), Google (2009), Facebook (2009), PalTalk (2009), YouTube (2010), Skype (2011), AOL (2011), Apple (2012) What’s Being Shared?

While specifics of what has actually been shared aren’t in the slideshow, the following types of files are called out:

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Apple’s Fetish For Secrecy


Quora is a fantastic site in which members ask questions of experts in various fields, and for the past year or so, there’s an absolute fantastic thread going asking about how Apple keeps its secrets… and it contains not only some fantastic insight there on what lengths Apple will go to be secretive about new products, but about how information on new products leaks… like, say, the time the Pentagon leaked the  [Read More…]

Five Secret iOS Gestures You Need To Know About [Feature]

Swipe, tap, repeat.

Swipe, tap, repeat.

The iPhone and iPad are magical devices because of one thing: the well-designed hardware and software works in conjunction to make everything just work. The iOS operating system is a thing of beauty, not least of which because there is so much to explore and learn about.

As a touch-based platform, iOS uses gestures like swipes and taps to let you control things with intuitive ease. However,  [Read More…]

You Know Spring Break is Coming When You Start Seeing Crazy %@*$ Like This



Yes, it’s a frisbee that doubles as an iPhone speaker. When you’ve finished flinging the Fli Tunes around, pop the center out and stick your iPhone in it. Be sure to pick up your iPhone before flinging it around again.

Not sure how well the Fli Tunes’ll take off. After all, it originates in the UK, a land where both their beaches and sense of humor can be described with  [Read More…]

Know Your Meme – Harlem Shake iOS Edition [Video]

Jumping the shark.

Jumping the shark.

Well, you know a meme is winding down in “cool factor” when developers start creating videos like this one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the following video of iOS development objects and assets do the Harlem Shake, like any number of thousands of videos on YouTube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyXBbqy90_Q?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Sure, it’s goofy, and a bit on the geeky side, what with the developer connection,  [Read More…]

Now For iPhone Wants You To Know When Your Friends Are Doing Cool Stuff Nearby


There are a lot of silly apps out there that want to send you notifications whenever someone you know is nearby, or if you’re in the area of something cool.

There’s a new app for iPhone though called Now, that wants to take a different approach to local discover: it’s only going to alert you when your friends are doing really cool stuff nearby.

The way Now works is it keeps  [Read More…]

Ex-CEO John Sculley Thinks Apple Is Experiencing A “Lull In Innovation” And He Would Know


Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley’s tenure at Apple was marked for a lack in innovation that eventually almost sunk the company, before Steve Jobs came back to rescue it in the late 90s. So he’s an expert in what makes a company go wrong.

According to Sculley, that’s just what is happening in the Tim Cook years. He says the company is experiencing another “lull in innovation” and needs to find its next  [Read More…]

Judge To Samsung & Apple: “You’ve Been Litigating For A Year, You Must Know Your Best Case.”


Throughout the Samsung vs. Apple patent trial, Judge Lucy Koh has been a stern and sardonic overseer that has more often than not resembled a fight between children than an actual lawsuit. Now Koh is speaking up again, telling Samsung and Apple that, once again, they are wasting everyone’s time throwing a million and one allegations at one another, and that they need to “focus and streamline” their cases against one another.

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What You Need To Know About Today’s Apple Hack


What Happened?

According to Apple, a “small number” of its employees computers were compromised due to a vulnerability in Java.

How Did It Happen?

It appears that this zero-day exploit is the same one that resulted in a number of Facebook employees having malware installed on their laptops as a result of visiting a mobile developer website that had been compromised: Apple says their employees were infected “through a website for software  [Read More…]

Gene Munster Says He Doesn’t Know What Apple Has Planned For April, But It’s Something!

This guy really believes that Apple is making a HDTV.

Earlier this week the web was assaulted with a bevy of horrible Apple rumors from analyst Peter Misek. Along with claiming that Apple was going to have an Apple TV SDK event in March, Misek said Apple’s 4.8-inch iPhone will launch next year, and that iPhone 5 sales are slipping.

It only took a few minutes before Misek’s B.S. was shot down, so rather  [Read More…]