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Whether you’re a designer, animator, or any other kind of creative, your work requires skill, taste and, just as importantly, tools. Whether you’re making 3D architectural schematics, designing signage, or crafting a post-Internet seapunk masterpiece in MS Paint, we’ve assembled some of the best gear and lessons to empower your work at some of the […]

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Learning is a lifelong endeavor, but even if you live to 100 you won’t have a shortage of stuff to study with this roundup of deals. Hundreds of hours of content covering marketing, IT, banking, coding, you name it. We know you want to learn, the only question now is where to start, so take a […]

If you fancy yourself an expert on abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols, you might want to have a go at Name It!, a new trivia game that focuses on those three things (known collectively — and somewhat awkwardly — as “AASs”).…

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LitBound has made the jump from Android, and is now available on iOS. If you’re a fan of books, or just a library geek at heart, this game offers you hours of trivia fun, testing your knowledge of best sellers,…

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We’re still waiting for the iPhone to make its big debut on China Mobile, but we’ve seen lots of evidence to suggest that the move is imminent. The latest indication comes from a job listing on Apple’s China website that seeks a new engineer with extensive knowledge of China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network. “As the manager for Greater […]

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There are a lot of budding entrepreneurs that are taking their ideas online – but many of them do not have the tools or skills to make a real go of it. Simply surfing the web looking for tips and tricks isn’t enoguh these days, you need to have more at your disposal than that. And Cult of Mac Deals has put together a deal that will really help out anyone who  [Read More…]

This app is meant to all be in good fun, but it’s potentially a weapon in the hands of stalkers.

“Boy, you sure have a lot of apps on your phone.” “Well, it’s my job.” “What’s your favorite?” “Oh, I couldn’t choose. But hey, want to see one to set your skin crawling?” It was the flush end of a pleasurably hot day — 85 degrees in March — and we  [Read More…]

Knowledge Navigator Back in 1987 during the era of John Sculley, Apple released a “what if” video describing a device called the Knowledge Navigator. This prescient work anticipated a personal digital assistant a la Siri, a touch screen tablet computer like the iPad, videoconferencing (FaceTime) and more. In this groundbreaking piece – set in then futuristic 20062011 – the assistant isn’t a woman’s voice but a male  [Read More…]