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How to Filter & Mute Unknown Senders Messages from Known Contacts in iOS

iPhone and iPad users can opt to use a new “Filter Unknown Senders” feature in the iOS messaging app which will automatically hush and separate inbound messages that are coming from unrecognized contacts. This is extremely useful if your phone number is publicly listed on a web site like Craigslist, or if you just happen … Read More

New Siri refresh is known internally by a geeky Iron Man reference

Apple is now using a revamped, custom Apache Mesos scheduler to power its Siri search enquiries. Given the backronym J.A.R.V.I.S. — apparently standing for Just A Rather Very Intelligent Scheduler — Marvel movie fans will likely recognize the name as a geeky…Read more ›

The Lion Formerly Known As Snoop Dogg Has A New iPhone Game Coming Out


This is the single most important bit of news you will read all day: the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg has a new game coming out for the iPhone. The d-o-double-g, who now calls himself “Snoop Lion” and pretends to be from Jamaica, will be releasing Way of the Dogg in an App Store near you very soon.

Here’s the trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1qq5mFR0O8?rel=0]

Gameplay doesn’t actually look half bad—kind of  [Read More…]

ReadyCase For iPhone Packs Every Gadget Known To Modern Man

Some gadgets pick one thing, and do only that thing. And they do it very, very well. Other gadgets try to pack in everything possible, and they usually end up doing everything badly. This is called the Swiss Army Knife Approach (SAKA), and if you ever wondered why the Swiss are neutral in all wars, now you know.

The ReadyCase takes the latter approach, and like any good SAKA device, it’s way more fun to  [Read More…]

Former Apple Execs Blast Tech Giant Over Known ‘Labor Abuses’

Although most of Apple’s critics come from outside of the company’s immediate circle, that trend is being broken today by a new report that shows former Apple executives blasting the Cupertino-based tech giant for “ignoring” overseas labor abuses. According to coverage provided byThe New York Times, more than one unnamed former Apple executive sounds off in order to assert Apple’s culpability in the alleged abuses. Weve known about labor abuses in some factories for four  [Read More…]

Apple Accused of Feeding Digitude Innovations – a Company Known for Patent-Trolling

According to a new report, Apple has moved some of its patents to the patent-licensing firm Digitude Innovations, which is prompting accusations of the Cupertino giant aiding a so-called patent troll. Digitude Innovations filed a suit against a number of tech giants this week including RIM, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Amazon, and Nokia. Apple was one of the few companies notably absent from this list. Further investigation from the folks over atTechCrunchrevealed that two  [Read More…]

New Hard Drive Enclosure Has Almost Every Advanced Input Known to Man. Almost

Akitios pretty new alloy enclosure has a back full of inputs: eSATA, USB 3.0 and two FireWire 800 ports.Theres no way to jack in a Thunderbolt connection, though. The SK-3501 Super-S3 is stackable and fanless, with a perforated front panel and heat sink providing cooling duty. The enclosure sells for $ 150, and youll still need your own3.5?drive to pop inside; luckily, storage guts are fairly inexpensive these days.