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New game imagines a world in which Steve Jobs was North Korean

From Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle to Mark Millar’s Superman comic Red Son, I’ve always been a massive fan of alternative history stories. Now, upcoming first-person-shooter game Homefront: The Revolution asks a question as intriguing as any: What would have happened if a technological genius like Steve Jobs came out of North Korea instead […]

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iPhone 6 South Korean preorders obliterate no. for Galaxy Note 4

After being informed of the number of preorders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ahead of its South Korean launch on October 31, Samsung could be understood for questioning if its home country fans have nothing in the way…Read more ›

Apple Testing 65-Inch iTV Panels With Korean Supplier [Rumor]

Are we finally getting closer to the existence of the Apple TV set Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson he had “finally cracked?” According to a new rumor/report from the South Korea-based Korea Herald, an “unnamed” South Korean display manufacture is…Read more ›

Korean Antitrust Watchdog Sides With Samsung Against Apple

A South Korean antitrust watchdog has rejected Apple’s claims that Samsung’s counter-patent suit against the U.S. firm violates the country’s fair competition rules. Apple lawyers claimed that Samsung’s litigation concerning its SEPs (standard-essential patents) for 3G wireless technology was an…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Blames Korean PR Partner For Developer Bribes

facepalm_bear_2-1920x1200Samsung has admitted that a Korean PR agency did offer money to app developers to promote a competition on the popular developer question and answer website Stack Overflow. The electronics giant insists that this is “clearly against” its cooperate policy, and says that it cancelled the plan as soon as it was made aware of […]

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South Korean Court Rules That Apple Infringed On Samsungs Patents

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Seoul court ruled that Apple has infringed on two of Samsung’s patents. In addition, Apple must stop selling the infringing products in South Korea. Apple isn’t the only one at fault here, as the court also ruled that Samsung had infringed upon Apple’s “bounceback” patent. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

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Korean Carriers Hoping To Persuade Apple To Expand iPhone 5?s LTE Support

Korean carriers are in talks with Apple over the iPhone 5′s LTE support.

Korean carriers SK Telecom and KT have revealed that they are currently in talks with Apple over supporting the next iPhone on their 800 MHz and 1800 MHz LTE networks. Although it seems inevitable that the handset will indeed boast LTE connectivity, as we know from the new iPad, different carriers use different frequency bands all around the world,  [Read More…]

Korean Times Reporting Apple Set to Purchase 7.85″ Displays From Samsung

The new iPad isnt even out yet and rumors regarding a 7.85 model iPad are already flaring back up. The Korean Times published claims by an unnamed Samsung source that Apple is expected to purchase $11 billion in components from Samsung by the end of 2012. This is up from the $9.7 billion outlined in the current contract between the two companies. The source claims a portion of that $11 billion is going toward 7.85  [Read More…]

South Korean Carrier Introduces NFC to iPhone with Apple Certified Case

Many of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 in recent months have claimed that the device wont feature near-field communications technology, however, that doesnt mean you cant get it on your iPhone. One South Korean carrier is offering an NFC service to its customers with a new Apple Certified case. South Korean carrier KT will allow users to turn their iPhones into digital wallets, paying for goods with nothing but their  [Read More…]

Korean iPhone 4 WiMAX Solution: The Egg Sleeve

Click the image to open in full size. The iPhone 4’s namesake can spell a lot of confusion for the novice gadgeteer. The inclusion of the 4 may cause the less knowledgeable to assume it has 4G network capabilities, like a number of it’s 4G Android competitors. Korean Telecom (KT) eliminated any confusion, and subsequent disappointment, for their customers today with the release of it’s new WiMax capable sleeve the "Egg." KT’s Egg Sleeve  [Read More…]