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Kahney’s Korner: iPhone 6s unboxing special

It takes years to understand the appeal of the unboxing video. On the face of it, they’re very silly. And yet unboxing is one of digital video’s most popular and enduring genres. Who wants to see someone else opening the box of a brand new gadget? Wouldn’t you want to do it yourself? And therein […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Kahney’s Korner: Treat yourself to an iPhone-free vacation

My family and I just got back from a too-short vacation in Italy, and we learned something important while we were there: Real vacations don’t have e-mail. See, my wife was worried about us racking up unspeakably high bills while we were abroad, so we ended up almost completely disabling our iPhones for the entire […][Read More…]

Kahney’s Korner: Presenting the Cult of Mac magazine app

I am super psyched to introduce you to a new app on iOS – the Cult of Mac Magazine app. The magazine is published every Saturday and it is a really great way to read all the stuff we publish here during the week. It is a library of all the previous issues plus the […][Read More…]

Kahney’s Korner: Apple’s 5 most important products of all time

What vaulted Apple from its humble Silicon Valley origins to the absolute top of the business world? From its first desktop computer in 1976 to today’s category-crushing Apple Watch, the company is intensely focused on creating technology that will delight…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: The Apple II deserves its own festival

It’s festival season and there’s a festival for everything – even one for Apple II users. It’s called KansasFest and it has been going since 1989. It’s one of the longest-running computer festivals out there and the amazing thing is…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Big change coming to the iPad – but probably not yours

The iPad was once the future of computing. When it was launched in 2010, we all thought we were not going to be using desktop machine and laptops anymore. But sales have been flat and declining for the last couple…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Apple could learn from the Amazon Echo

I’ve had the Amazon Echo sitting on my desk for the last couple of months and it’s an odd device – and I actually think it’s pretty great. It’s a voice-controlled, speaker com, shopping tube that can go in your…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Lessons from having my MacBook stolen

I want to spare you some of the pain that recently greeted me after a night out with friends. I returned to my car to find the rear window smashed out and my backpack gone. It contained my brand new…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Something’s missing from new MacBook – magnetic attraction

Leander is having a bit of a moment. One of his favorite features of Apple product design is missing on his shiny new MacBook. Jony Ive, what have you done with the magnet? You can commiserate with our Editor and…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Why I can’t wait for Beats 1 radio

Why is Leander super-excited about Apple’s new Beats 1 radio service? It’s simple, really: For him, listening to BBC Radio 1 was possibly the greatest thing about growing up in England in the ’70s. More importantly, it’s still how he…Read more ›