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Post-Apple Music, should Apple form its own label?

Apple Music probably couldn’t have gotten off to a much better start. Following its launch on Tuesday, the service has been widely praised by fans and critics for its user experience and terrific Beats 1 radio — but what’s next for…Read more ›

App Store swaps ‘Free’ download buttons with ‘Get’ label

When it comes to the App Store there’s rarely such a thing as a “free” app. If you’re not paying for it upfront you’ll probably get hit up with exorbitant in-app purchase offers later. So in a move to change…Read more ›

Indulge your inner OCD with Brother’s tiny wi-fi label printer

When I was a kid, we used to label everything: toys, boxes, file folders. My parents used one of those manual rotary label dispensers, the kind you had to squeeze hard enough to make each individual letter poke up through…Read more ›

Leitz Icon Is The iOS Label Printer Apple Would Make

Leitz’s Icon is a label printer for iOS (and other mobile) devices, and it actually looks good enough to be an Apple product – the shape is clean and pretty, yes, but it also looks dead easy to use. The…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Plans Stalled Yet Again By Label Negotiations [Report]


Apple’s plans for an ‘iRadio’ streaming service are still being stalled by reluctant music labels, according to a report today from the Financial Times. Last month it was reported that Universal was about to partner with Apple, and the deal has allegedly been sealed between the two companies since then. Now Sony is demanding more money before it signs on.

Despite signing up Universal Music, the largest of the record label  [Read More…]

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Service To Launch In 2013 As Label Negotiations Continue [Rumor]


This year is likely to be another big one for Apple — even if we don’t see that much-anticipated television set. One new product the Cupertino could have up its sleeve is an internet radio service called “iRadio.” It’s reportedly been negotiating the necessary deals with the music labels, and one analyst expects the service to be integrated into iTunes within the next 12 months, competing with the likes of Pandora.

  [Read More…]

Judge’s Ruling Gets iCloud and Other Cloud Based Music Services Off the Label Teet

Apple, Amazon, Google, and anyone else who has or plans to release a digitil music locker service should kiss U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley lll. In the case EMI against MP3tunes Pauley ruled: If enabling a party to download infringing material was sufficient to create liability, then even search engines like Google or Yahoo! would be without DMCA protection. In that case, the DMCAs purpose innovation and growth of internet services would  [Read More…]

Indie Record Label Numero Opts-out of iTunes Match

There may be a dark cloud on the horizon for Apples new iTunes Match service. The Numero Group, an indie record label best know for reissuing soul and R&B oldies but goodies, has decided that its in there best interest to opt-out of Apples forthcoming iTunes Match service. According to theNumero Groups website, we feel that a great risk is being taken by Apple and the major labels that have accepted the terms of this  [Read More…]