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Iron Man 3′s 18 Different Armor Suits Will Soon Land On Your Android, iOS Device


The exotic Iron Patroit armor, featured prominently in trailers for the movie.

The release of Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS is almost upon us, and Gameloft sent us a sneak peak of the 18 different Iron Man armor suits available to the player in the game.

These gorgeous images augment the trailer Gameloft released of their endless runner (the category of game Iron Man 3 falls into) last month. The  [Read More…]

Apple Shows Off iAd With New Profile Of Land Rover Campaign

British automobile maker Land Rover has been very pleased with Apple’s iAd platform.

Apple’s iAd network hasn’t really caught on as fast as the Cupertino-based company would have liked, but that doesn’t mean iAds aren’t creating great results for the companies who have hopped on board. In a new video profile on its iAd Network portal, Apple shows how iAd has helped Land Rover raise awareness for its Range Rover Evoque automobile.

  [Read More…]

Former iAd Boss Bounces From Apple to Land At Leap Motion

Eleven months ago, we reportedthat Andy Miller, the executive once in charge of Apple’s not-so-successful iAd operation, decided to leave the hallowed halls of Cupertino for new opportunities. Miller, who joined the company as VP of mobile advertising in 2010 following his work at Quattro Wireless, left the iDevice maker (where he reported directly to Steve Jobs) to become a general partner at Highland Capital, a Boston-based venture firm that initially funded Quattro Wireless. On  [Read More…]

Dating Tips On How To Land A Mac Lover This Valentines Day [Interview]

CC-licensed, via Unlisted Sightings on Flickr.

Life is too short to date PCs. Thats the belief of dating site Cupidtino, which since its 2010 launch has amassed 32,000 Apple aficionados. Whether you believe that affinity for a consumer electronics brand can spark romance or not, narrowing down the dating pool by trying to find some commonality cant hurt. And Apples insanely great devices are as good a place to start  [Read More…]

Apples Redesigned iPhone 5 Will Land In Fall 2012 With Aluminum Back, Rubber Bezel [Rumor]

Having been forgotten at Apples Lets talk iPhone event back in October, the completely redesigned iPhone 5 is now on track for a Fall 2012 launch, according to a close source who is familiar with Apples plans. And like the iPad, the sixth-generation device will reportedly sport an aluminum rear casing, with a rubberized bezel much like Apples iPhone 4 bumper cases. The Gorilla glass that currently houses the fourth-  [Read More…]

New Qualcomm Gobi 4G LTE Chip Could Land in iPad 3

Qualcomm issued a press release yesterday announcing the commercial availability of 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip which could provide LTE support for the next iPad. Currently Apple uses Qualcomms Gobi chips in every iOS device since the release of the 3G Verizon iPhone 4 except for the AT&T iPad. It uses an older Infineon chip. The new Gobi 4000 chips will be compatible with all 4G LTE and HSPA+ devices including the iPad 3, if  [Read More…]

AppleCare Reps Expect iOS 5 and iCloud To Land On October 10th

There have been a lot of dates floated around for when Apple will release iOS 5, but if this report is accurate, the date you should be circling on your calendars is October 10th. Why? Because Apple expects to start getting a lot of tech support issues on that day.   According to a source speaking to Apple Insider: Apple has reportedly informed its AppleCare division to expect an influx  [Read More…]

Not Everyone in Cupertino Wants Apples Spaceship to Land

Apples plans to build a spaceship campus in Cupertino have had us all in awe over its magnificent design which will take up a whopping 3.1 million square-feet of land. However, not everyone in Cupertino is looking forward to Apple Campus 2?. The video above from KTVU News, shot last night while theApple Campus 2 Environmental Impact meetingwent ahead in Cupertino, reveals some Cupertino residents have their concerns. While some seemed very positive about Apples new camp, most voiced their  [Read More…]

iOS 5 Beta 6 Could Land Next Thursday

Developers are now enjoying the fifth beta of Apples next major iOS release, but just like everything created at the Cupertino camp, we never know when an update is about to drop. Unless, of course, you go digging around in iOS files which seemingly reveals the release date of iOS 5 beta 6.   iCloudil.com has discovered a change in a file within iOS 5 beta 5 which looks like it is  [Read More…]

Report: OS X Lion and Sandy Bridge MacBook Airs To Land On Wednesday At 8:30AM ET

OS X Lion didnt drop last week as expected, but Apple promised it this month and its now a whole new week. So could OS X Lion drop on Wednesday, along with new MacBook Airs?   Thats what no less venerable a source than AppleInsider is claiming. Apple as early as Wednesday will launch two highly anticipated products: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs, AppleInsider has  [Read More…]