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Open your own private lane on the information superhighway with PureVPN [Deals]

As open and free as the internet is purported to be, it’s easy to run into a lot of walls and not always safe. A great way to relieve the worry and hassles of online life is PureVPN, a virtual laser-fast private network that secures, anonymizes, and upgrades any online connection. And right now you […]

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University adds dedicated texting lane for students on the move

You know mobile devices have hit a certain critical mass when universities start adding walking lanes designed to stop texters from accidentally colliding with non-texters. That’s exactly what happened to a staircase at Utah Valley University’s Student Life and Wellness…Read more ›

Chinese city gives smartphone users their own sidewalk lane

Tools like hands-free kits and Siri might mean that you don’t have to have your face constantly buried in your iPhone, but for most people the reality is that using a smartphone suggests your focus is not entirely on the…Read more ›

“Stay in your lane” and other transition tips from Apple’s new retail chief

Assimilating into the mothership’s culture isn’t easy (just ask John Browett) but Angela Ahrednts looks well on her way to becoming one of the regulars at Apple HQ, . The recently hired Retail Chief has only been at Apple for…Read more ›

Google Maps now tells you which lane to drive in

Google Maps continued to show why its the best app for directions on any platform this morning with a huge update that packs a number of small tweaks, along with one huge feature that will make following turn-by-turn directions easier and…Read more ›