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Apple cleans up the App Store after biggest security lapse in history

Apple is removing hundreds of apps from the App Store after discovering that they contain a malicious program called XcodeGhost. In the entire lifespan of the App Store, Apple has only previously found five malicious apps — making this easily the single biggest security lapse in App Store history. Apple has declined to say exactly […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iOS 8 makes time lapse video easy plus our iPads need some Nintendo on The CultCast

OMG Y’AALL, it’s CultCast time. This week we bring to thee some more cool iOS 8 features you didn’t hear about at WWDC, plus we’ll tell you all about the new time-lapse video feature we’ve been playing with. Then, with…Read more ›

Frameographer Time Lapse App: This Is How You Do It [Review]

Frames is so simple to use

Frameographer is so simple to use

Frameographer is an excellent $ 3 photography app for stop motion and time lapse video recording. It works because it keeps things as simple as they can possibly be. One thing I like about it is that its been made with the frustrations of time lapse and stop motion recording in mind. Those of you whove tried it will know that  [Read More…]