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Don’t miss out on the many exciting deals on gadgets, software, and more that are expiring very soon at Cult of Mac Deals. Of particular note, this is your final opportunity to get the world’s smallest quadcopter, the popular SKEYE Nano Drone.… Read more ›

Apple enjoyed historic sales this holiday season, and while the company won’t reveal its official earnings until January 27th, based on the latest smartphone activation report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple dominated the holiday shopping season and accounted for… Read more ›

If you’re looking for something to do with today’s public holiday, here’s an idea: why not seize the opportunity to buy a Google Glass headset, knowing that this could be your last chance to ever do so? That’s right —… Read more ›

Limefuel was one of our favorite gadgets from 2014 and sadly today is the last day to get this innovative, battery saving product. We have all had that feeling of seeing our battery drop into the red zone without a plug… Read more ›

LAS VEGAS — I hate hunting. Not because I’m morally opposed to needlessly slaughtering animals, but because I’m a horrible shot. I couldn’t hit a deer even if it was only 100 yards away, which is why I need TrackingPoint’s… Read more ›

Most of my work day is spent at a 27-inch iMac, circa 2009. It’s admittedly getting a bit long in the tooth, but buffed up with as much RAM as it can take and a homemade Fusion Drive, and it… Read more ›

The verdict is in, and after nearly a decade of legal wrangling, Apple has prevailed in the class-action lawsuit seeking over $ 1 billion in damages by iPod owners who claimed the company conspired to kill competing music services by adding restrictions… Read more ›

Last chance to enter to win an iPhone 6 [Deals]

Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 6, is here. You could get one for free by entering The Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway at Cult of Mac Deals.  But you had better hurry, because there is precious little time left to take… Read more ›

Smartphones and other assorted mobile devices are great tools for keeping us productive and entertained. The batteries inside those devices, by contrast, sometimes leave us frustrated and wanting more. Do you find that your device’s limited battery life plays a… Read more ›

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are designed to work closely together. Just like iOS 8, third-party developers are even encouraged to write extensions and widgets for their Mac apps. The result is a more seamless experience between an app’s… Read more ›