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We’re less than one month away from the iPhone 6s being announced, and carriers are tripping over themselves and each other trying to offer the best terms for customer upgrades. The latest carrier to throw its name in the ring is Sprint, which has just launched its new iPhone Forever plan, which lets users upgrade […]

The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to give a second look to Samsung’s appeal of the original jury verdict saying that it violated Apple’s patents for the iPhone. Samsung was aiming to get the court to reconsider $ 400 million out of the $ 584 million that it was deemed the South Korean tech […] [Read More…]

Check out the latest Steve Jobs movie trailer

Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie is around two months from its U.S. release, and to keep up the momentum, Universal has just dropped a new trailer on us. While the Official TV spot doesn’t show us a whole lot that’s new — and once again confirms that actor Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Steve Jobs […]

We’ll get our best — though still inconclusive — estimate of how the Apple Watch is doing later today, when Apple has its quarterly earnings call. Ahead of that, though, analysts are continuing to churn out their own figures regarding… Read more ›

Apple’s on a roll with new iPhone ads. A little more than a week after debuting a series of news ads as part of their “If it’s not an iPhone†marketing push, Cupertino has supplemented it with a new ad,… Read more ›

If you want to build something that sticks online, you’ve got to understand how people interact with websites. Udemy’s UI/UX Designer Bundle will give you a grounding in the latest and practice-proven approaches for making your site as attractive and interactive as it… Read more ›

Siri has become an accessory to even more bullcrap from the Internet as pranksters have found another way to trick Apple’s digital assistant into contacting emergency services. And it’s only slightly less dumb than you think. The prank claims that… Read more ›

Tweetbot 2 for Mac was a long awaited update to Tapbots’ fantastic Twitter app, bringing a host of new functionality and a flat, Yosemite-friendly redesign to fans. But it wasn’t exactly a finished release, as Macworld’s review makes clear. But… Read more ›

I’ve been loving Apple’s shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign, if for no other reason than it gives me hope that one day, I too will be able to capture crazy beautiful images with my smartphone’s camera. Apple has pushed… Read more ›

Luxury carmakers Bentley have once again turned to the iPhone to shoot the company’s latest short film: A video showcasing four major designers on London’s Savile Row, each given a commission to create a bespoke “driving jacket” for the high-end auto company.… Read more ›