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New LaunchBar proves Apple hasn’t killed app launchers yet

App launchers on the Mac have always been geared toward power users, and lately tools like Alfred have become even more sophisticated, with user-created scripts and extensions. When Apple debuted the new Spotlight in OS X Yosemite at WWDC, it…Read more ›

Backtick Is Like Launchbar For Your Chrome Browser

If you’re using the Chrome browser on your Mac, then you might like to take a look at Backtick, an extension which lets you fire off bookmarklets with a few keystrokes. Like Alfred, Launchbar or Quicksilver on the Mac, Backtick…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Launchbar 5.5 With Added Snippets And Added Awesomeness

Launchbar users can enjoy a brand new feature in v5.5 of the find-everything Mac app. Launchbar – if you’re not familiar with it – is an app that you trigger with a shortcut (I use ⌘-Space) and then type into the pop-up window. Launchbar instantly presents results, letting you launch apps, send emails, play music, browse your iPhoto library and a whole lot more. And now it has snippets.

Snippets are a  [Read More…]

Atom Is A Slick New Lockscreen Launchbar For Up To Six Apps [Jailbreak]


Earlier this week, we wrote about Grabby, a rad little Cydia tweak that let you extend the lockscreen camera launcher into a quickbar for up to five favorite apps.

Here’s a similar idea. Atom is an upcoming Cydia tweak that is set to be released this weekend which allows you to unlock your iPhone directly to up to six different apps, just by dragging the on-screen ‘locked’ icon to one of  [Read More…]

LaunchBar Now Browses All Your iCloud Documents

Screen Shot 2013 04 15 at 12 26 47 PM

LaunchBar power-users should get their virtual asses over to developer Obdev’s nightly builds page and grab the latest version of v5.5. Amongst a whole bunch of neat fixes and tweaks it adds one essential new feature: support for your iCloud documents.

iCloud is fantastic in many ways, and awful in others. When I reinstall an iCloud-enabled app  [Read More…]

Supercharge Your Productivity With LaunchBar [Deals]

LaunchBar is a smart and powerful, keyboard driven productivity utility that lets you access and control every aspect of your digital life. Whatever you want to get done on your Mac – with LaunchBar, it’s only a few keystrokes away. It’s simply the must-have Mac app for getting stuff done.

And right now Cult of Mac Deals will help you save time and avoid headaches with a deal on LaunchBar –  [Read More…]

Use LaunchBar To Browse And Open iCloud Documents


One of iClouds biggest problems comes from its iOS origins: Theres no easy way to open, say, a TextEdit document in another app for viewing and editing. To do this, you need to either open the source app (TextEdit, in this case), use the iCloud document picker and then drag the file to the target app, or you need to go digging around inside your (hidden) Library folder to find the local copies of your iCloud  [Read More…]