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New Jailbreak Tweak Is A Lock Screen Launcher Without The Clutter [Video]

Referred to as “Swipey”, a new jailbreak tweak allows iOS 7 users to access six different apps via a left swipe from their iDevice lock screen — giving you all the features associated with a lock screen launcher, minus the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Atom Gives Your iPhone’s Lockscreen A Beautifully Subtle App Launcher [Jailbreak]

atom 1

I like to keep my iPhone’s lockscreen clean and free of distractions. Jailbreak tweaks that add weather, RSS, and more are useful for many, but the lockscreen can easily start to feel cluttered after awhile.

That’s why I’m excited to present “atom,” a new jailbreak tweak for the lockscreen that replaces the unlock slider with a beautifully subtle app launcher.

atom in action[Read More…]

Quicksilver App Launcher For Mac Hits Version 1.0 After 10-Year Beta

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.55.11 AM

Remember Quicksilver? The lightweight Mac utility used to be the go-to app launcher on the desktop, but that was years ago. A lack of updates combined with the rise of more feature-rich alternatives like Alfred turned the attention away from Quicksilver long ago.

Now the developers behind the app are breathing new life into Quicksilver with a major update. Quicksilver 1.0 has been released, which marks  [Read More…]

Use the Help Menu as a Menu Item Action Launcher for Apps in OS X

Help menu action launcher

The Help menu that’s always visible in OS X and OS X apps is far more powerful than just serving as a knowledge base for questions about the app in use, it can also function as a full-fledged action launcher for any menu items. This is useful for when you’re either still learning keyboard shortcuts, can’t remember where something is in menus, or just want to quickly perform  [Read More…]

Espier Launcher HD Brings The iPads Home Screen To Your Android Tablet

Espier Launcher HD is the closest you’ll ever get to running iOS on an Android tablet.

So you just bought yourself a new Android tablet, and you wish youd gone for the iPad. Well, thats too bad. But youll be pleased to hear that you can still get your hands on the iPads home screen, thanks to Espier Launcher HD. Espier Launcher HD, as you may have guessed, is the tablet  [Read More…]

Alfred Mac App Launcher Hits Version 1.0 With Tons Of New Features

Alfred is a relatively new launcher app for the Mac, and the tool has received a warm welcome from the Apple community since it launched in beta form last year. Today the development company behind Alfred,Running with Crayons, has launched Alfred 1.0, and the update brings with it many new features. While Alfred offers many of the same launching abilities as other apps, like Quicksilver  [Read More…]

AndroidLoader – Application Launcher (SpringBoard)

Surenix (@iSurenix), a prominent jailbreak developer and theme creator, is scheduled to release his newest creation AndroidLoader soon (has been submitted to Cydia). AndroidLoader is an amazing SpringBoard addition that allows quick launch of your applications from anywhere on your SpringBoard. Inspired by the Android layout, tapping the tab below your dock brings up a menu with all your icons listed. When you tap any of the respective applications, it opens it right away. iPod  [Read More…]