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How to Disable Launchpad on Mac

Interested in disabling Launchpad on Mac? If you want to turn off the Launchpad for whatever reason or to stop accidentally opening Launchpad in MacOS, you can turn the feature off completely. For some quick background, Launchpad is a feature in MacOS that reveals a screen of app icons, sort of reminiscent to the appearance … Read More

View Status of App Store Downloads from Mac Launchpad & Dock

Ever wondered what the status is of a large app download coming from the Mac App Store, but you don’t want to check the progress through the Mac App Store itself? Just refer to Launchpad in the Dock of Mac OS X instead, you don’t even need to have the App Store open to see … Read More

How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid Layout in Mac OS X

Launchpad is the quick application launcher available from the Mac OS X Dock and a keystroke that looks quite a bit like the Homescreen of iOS. By default, the Launchpad app grid usually displays icons in 7 rows and 5 columns of apps, but with a little adjustment from the command line of OS X … Read More

How to Reset Launchpad Layout in OS X Yosemite

Launchpad serves as a quick way to open applications on the Mac from a familiar iOS-like icon grid interface. If you’ve customized the way these app icons and arranged in Launchpad, you may decide you’d like to start from scratch and reset their order to how things appear when you first get a Mac. This … Read More

Quickly Find Newly Installed Mac Apps in OS X Launchpad and Finder

Ever installed a new app or two on a Mac and then went to find them, only to be lost in a sea of other applications that are already installed? For those of us with a ton of apps installed this happens often, but OS X offers several ways to sort through the clutter and … Read More

Get It Done – Fix Stalled Mavericks Downloads In Launchpad [OS X Tips]

If you’re trying to download the free OS X Mavericks upgrade via the Mac App Store and it’s getting stuck, you’re not alone. As you can see int he image above, some folks are seeing a paused download when trying…Read more ›

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Put All Of Your Mac Preference Panes Right Into Launchpad Or The Dock


By default, when you turn on a new Mac or open a new user account under OS X, your Mac’s System Preferences icon will be sitting in the dock. It’s pretty easy to right-click on the icon to quickly navigate to whatever Settings panel you need, but how about a prettier option?

Preferences Quick Launch is a small tool that lets you add individual preferences to your Dock or Mac launchpad.  [Read More…]

Easily Access Launchpad With A Keyboard Shortcut [OS X Tips]

LaunchPad Keyboard Shortcut

Launchpad, the iOS-style apps launcher feature that appeared in OS X Lion, showed up without a keyboard shortcut enabled for it. Later Macs, of course, have the F4 key assigned as a Launchpad, well, launcher. You can use the dock icon, of course, and you can double click the Launchpad icon in the Applications folder, but if you have an older Mac keyboard, here’s how to enable the F4  [Read More…]

Use Launchpad Search to Quickly Open Apps in OS X

Search Launchpad in OS X for quick app launching

Launchpad’s new search function from OS X 10.8 onward make it an extremely fast app launcher, certainly faster than navigating multiple screenfuls of apps and clicking on app icons with a cursor. For the speediest launches, just do the following:

Hit F4 and start typing the app name, then hit return

Is that quick or what?

For optimal speed, don’t bother typing the  [Read More…]

Use Your Keyboard To Filter Launchpad Apps Super Easily In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

Launchpad tries to bring an iOS-style apps interace to OS X. Whether you like it or now, it’s here to stay. Introduced in OS X Lion, Launchpad arranges the apps you have installed on your Mac in a grid array, much like the apps are arranged on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Of course, your Mac has a much bigger screen than these iOS devices (hopefully), so there’s even more  [Read More…]