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Spain’s strict protest laws can’t stop marchers made of light

Spain’s government has passed a series of laws that criminalize some forms of protest. But authorities may find it challenging to arrest holograms. The group No Somos Delito, or We Are Not Crime, fired back at the government Friday using…Read more ›

iOS 7′s Camera Drawer Obeys The Laws Of Gravity, Bounces [Video]

This is a neat touch: the camera quick launch drawer in iOS 7 actually has its own gravity bounce effect, so that you can effectively bounce it against the bottom of the screen like a rubber ball. You can even do it so hard that it will bounce all the way to the top of […]

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Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]

Even scuffed up, the Folio Shield looks handsome — just like Harrison Ford.

Folio Shield by Lioncase Category: Cases Works With: iPad mini Price: $ 32

Lioncase’s Folio Shield might be the best case I’ve yet tried for the iPad mini – apart from the Smart Cover that is. I’ll admit that I had trouble testing it because I love to fondle and caress the mini’s naked curves so much, but I forced  [Read More…]

Were Workers Forced To Violate Chinese Labor Laws To Make The New iPad? [Interview]

Watchdog group SumOfUs has launched a new petition asking Apple to prove that workers at Foxconn factories in China werent subject to illegal overtime to make the iPad 3. Specifically, theyre looking for Apple to turn over individual worker hours from November 2011-February 2012 to prove theyre not violating Chinas labor laws which prohibit more than 36 hours of overtime per month. Cult of Mac talked to SumOfUs founder Taren  [Read More…]

Carrier IQ Probably Violated Federal Wiretap Laws In Millions Of Cases

Carrier IQs not having a good day. The invasive keylogging software which comes installed on over 140 million Android, Nokia and Blackberry smartphones is embroiled in controversy, and its not just creepy its probably illegal, and Senator Al Franken who once grilled Apple over the so-called LocationGate is now demanding answers.   First, according to Paul  [Read More…]

Pwn Dev Team’s Recently Released Jailbreak Tool Ac1dSn0w Infringes Copyright Laws

Apparently the recently released jailbreak tool,Ac1dsn0w, which was recently released by the Pwn Dev Team infringes upon Apples code. The jailbreak tool allows for a tethered jailbreak of any iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, or iPad 1. It comes with similar tools to other jailbreaking tools and allows you to boot tethered as well as jailbreak. Through the use of Apples code, the tool is able to perform  [Read More…]

Lawmakers Encourage New Privacy Laws That Could Impact Apple

Click the image to open in full size. It now looks like those recent senate hearings on mobile security and consumer privacy may have actually served a bigger purpose than your run-of-the-mill political barking that comes without any real biting. On Friday, two members of a prominent US Senate subcommittee put forth their recommendations to Congress for new laws that could impact the likes of Apple, Google, and RIM. Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and  [Read More…]