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Gadget Watch: Phones with Leica lenses, and Leicas without LCDs

Leaked iPad Air 2 Panel Shows Apple Switching To Integrated LCDs

iPhone 6 component leaks have begun erupting up like wildfires the past week, setting the web ablaze with promises of a bigger iPhone, but according to some new leaked photos Apple is also tweaking the design of the iPad Air…

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Apple Reportedly Sampling 7.85″ LCDs for iPad Mini

The iPad Mini rumors are heating up again with Taiwan�s�United Daily News�reporting Apple has received samples of 7.85� screens from AU Optronics and LG Display.

The displays themselves retain the same 1024×768 resolution as the current iPad, and would reportedly be used in an iPad mini poised for release early next year. Maintaining the screen resolution would benefit developers as applications could run natively across both platforms without any tweaking, but the interfaces would be considerably  [Read More…]

Apple Patents Augmented Reality Apps, One Uses Translucent LCDs

If I could wear a pair of glasses that augmented reality so I didn’t have to watch 98% of reality television programming, I’d probably take out a second mortgage to pay for them.

Those don’t exist, but a couple Apple Patents dug up by�Apple Insider�detail a wonderful world viewed through your future transparent iPad. The first example utilizes a split screen video mode, with a live video feed on top, and 3-D generated imagery of recognizable  [Read More…]

Apple to Use Super-PLS LCDs in Future iPads?

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The Korea Herald is reporting that Samsung is in talks with Apple to supply Super-PLS displays for the iPad. Samsung’s patented technology, which it previewed last November, allows brighter screens at lower cost. However, mass production has not yet begun on S-PLS screens, raising questions about whether these displays would be for the iPad 2 or a future model.

Samsung’s Mobile Display division says that their Super-PLS  [Read More…]