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iPhone 6 crash reports lead to sketchy recall rumor

A sketchy report from Business Korea claims that Apple might be facing an enormous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus recall due to an issue affecting the 128GB configuration models. Particularly on iPhones with very large app libraries, some users are… Read more ›

Apple’s great at hopping into new markets just as they’re set to explode, and it seems that the upcoming Apple Watch is no different. Despite mixed reports about consumer interest, research firm IHS thinks demand for sensor-equipped wearable tech devices is going… Read more ›

Despite its role as a manufacturer for the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 6, Apple manufacturer Foxconn has announced July as being responsible for its lowest monthly earnings since March 2013. Surprisingly this comes not long after Foxconn posted record earnings of $ 131.82… Read more ›

Apple has been looking a lot friendlier ever since its PR boss Katie Cotton decided to leave the company last May, and even though no one has been tapped to fill her vacancy yet, Cupertino might be looking to make… Read more ›

Nexus-w-iPadFor a long time after its launch, the iPad was by far the best-selling tablet on the market, and no matter how hard they tried, rival devices didn’t stand a chance of stealing its market share. But that’s all changed, according to the latest figures from IDC. Android-powered slates saw a staggering 163% increase in […]

The post iPad Sales Slip In Q2 2013 As Android Tablets Increase Their Lead [Report]  [Read More…]

comscoreapplereport  Apple is stil the top smartphone maker in the U.S. according to the latest quarterly report from comScore. While HTC, Motorola, and LTG continued to lose marketshare in the U.S. over the last three months, Apple and Samsung have continued to outpace the competition. As of May 2013, comScore found that the iPhone now […]

The post Apple Maintains Lead Over Samsung As Top U.S. Smartphone OEM appeared first on  [Read More…]

mike-bell-intelIntel lost the opportunity to power the iPhone, but the company is hard at work to make sure they don’t get completely shut out of mobile hardware, and to do so they’re hiring some old Apple talent. To lead the charge in its plans to build “smart devices” Intel has hired former Apple Vice President, […]

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While tech experts have been eager to announce the demise of Apple and the iPhone, a different story has taken place in the U.S. as Apple has continued to widen its lead against Samsung.

comScore just released its latest report on the state of the U.S. smartphone market, and their findings show that Apple managed to widen increase its marketshare. Samsung saw some growth as well (1.0% ) but Apple grew about  [Read More…]


After facing a lot of scrutiny for the past few years over working conditions at factories in China, Apple has made a lot of progress on cleaning up their manufacturing partners’ facilities. Pay has been increased. Forced overtime and child labor aren’t as frequent. And we haven’t heard of any massive brawls in a while.

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Samsung and Apple are the only two smartphone vendors currently seeing growth in the United States, and although it was Apple that saw the most between September and November of last year, it’s Samsung who will attract most customers throughout 2013. The Korean electronics giant will see 35% growth over the next 12 months, according to Strategy Analytics, further increasing the lead over its arch rival in Cupertino.

“We expect Samsung to  [Read More…]