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What Apple product launches say about Tim Cook’s leadership

A cynic would call it greenwashing, but the most surprising thing about Tim Cook’s “Loop you in” event was what it said about how he’s running Apple. When Steve Jobs was around, Apple’s product events were about the products, and little else. Yeah, Jobs would often start with corporate issues, but he usually boasted about […]

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Apple adds some diversity to its executive leadership page

To go along with its Diversity week celebrations that have included Tim Cook taking an icy bath, Apple has added a little diversity to its executive leadership page today, by adding a new tier full of fresh faces. The Apple…Read more ›

Ex-Microsoft COO: The Apple Era May Be On Its Way Out Due To Lack Of Leadership

Bob Herbold is not impressed with Tim Cook. Not at all.

Bob Herbold is not impressed with Tim Cook. Not at all.

Apple’s stock hasn’t been doing too well lately. While many analysts think the problem is that Apple hasn’t released any new products in months, Microsoft’s former COO thinks it’s more of a leadership problem.

In a recent article, former Microsoft COO, Bob Herbold claimed the problem with Apple is that it  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Provides Leadership To Us All, Not Just To Apple [Opinion From a Cancer Survivor]

In Steve Jobs famous Stanford commencement address, he argued that in work, as in all aspects of life, youve got to find what you love. He went on to explain that he found what he loved early in life when he started Apple. His passion for what he does has been evident ever since.   In the past, each time he took a medical leave of absence, Jobs returned to do  [Read More…]